By People Staff
October 27, 2008 12:00 PM


“Whether Clay is gay or straight makes no difference. He’s a class act, and Parker is a lucky little boy”

Teri Adkins

Gainesville, Fla.

I’ve been a fan of Clay’s since day one, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for him in his new role as a father. I am incredibly proud of him for making the decision to come out. It doesn’t change a thing, and his true fans will love him all the same. As the mother of three kids, I applaud his parenting style. Parker is starting life with honesty, love and commitment from his dad—Clay’s son has it made.

C. Wilson

via e-mail

  • I’d like Clay Aiken to know that he’ll always have this fan in his corner. I’m thrilled about his new baby and wish both of them a lifetime of happiness. Clay sings like an angel. I can’t wait to hear the music that’s sure to follow Clay’s life-changing transition.
  • S. Worthington
  • South Windsor, Conn.

I was not surprised to learn that Clay Aiken is gay. I was surprised, however, that such news is still considered worth devoting a cover story to. Self-outing celebrities are no longer interesting, unique or brave. They’re just tiring—and shamelessly attention-starved.

Mike Richmond

Las Vegas, Nev.


Thanks for the article about Jack Crowley and Eileen Campbell, who were reunited by their birth daughter Ann Lansing. Most young people who give their babies up for adoption don’t just forget those children and go on with their lives. The loss remains with them. It’s fortunate Ann’s biological family was able to have a second chance. As someone who’s worked with adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents, I’ve seen how antiquated adoption practices can hurt everyone. I wish Ann and both her families the best.

Fay Roseman

Coral Springs, Fla.


  • You described Britney Spears at the 2007 MTV VMAs as “unfit.” There is no way she could have been any bigger than a size 6, and yet you implied that she was somehow overweight or unhealthy. The outfit may have been a disaster, but Britney’s post-baby body was certainly not.
  • Collette Mitchell
  • Louisville, Ky.


I never realized how pretty the Olsen twins are until I saw them pictured without their usual “raccoon eyes.”

M. Chall

Detroit, Mich.


In “What’s On This Week,” you stated that “the Tina Fey lookalike and the senator from Delaware will face off.” Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska and deserves to have the same respect shown to her as was given to Joe Biden in describing his credentials.

Amy Kleine

via e-mail


Our story about Bill Barnes struck a nerve with readers. While they felt he deserved to serve the 20 years he did for wounding a cop in 1966, they thought it unfair that Barnes, who became a model inmate and reconnected with his family after his release, landed back in prison last year on a murder charge after the officer died of a urinary tract infection. “How in God’s name can anyone prosecute this man for murder?” asks Carol Zimmer via e-mail. “He paid his dues.” Shelley Greenbaum of Great Neck, N.Y., writes: “This is absolutely absurd, especially since Mr. Barnes has actually turned his life around.” On Oct. 6 a Philadelphia judge denied a motion to dismiss the case on double jeopardy grounds. No trial date has been set and Barnes, 72 and ailing, remains in jail.


In our Oct. 13 issue, the reviewer of ABC’s Life on Mars stated that the main character time-traveled 25 years. He time-traveled 35 years.