March 10, 2008 12:00 PM


“What has happened to Britney is tragic. I’m relieved her parents have stepped in to help her”

James Dinh

West Springfield, Mass.

If Britney Spears is truly bipolar, I hope she takes the time she needs to learn to cope with this disorder and begin a new life. Unless you have experienced this impulsive emotional nightmare, you cannot begin to comprehend the torment she lives with. The press should give her some breathing room. She needs to focus on herself and follow the advice of her doctors, therapists and the family members who have her best interests at heart.

Kristi Muise

Phoenix, Ariz.

Why can’t everyone just leave Britney alone and let her try to get her life back on track? This poor girl has been misused by the very people who should have been protecting her. I personally feel very sorry for her. Let’s not forget that she is a young mother who is suffering from a mental illness. I hope she starts surrounding herself with people who genuinely care about her.

Eileen Hutchinson

West Linn, Ore.

Britney Spears must be going through hell right now. I can’t imagine being that ill and out of control. It just proves that being rich doesn’t guarantee happiness. I hope this is a turnaround year for her.

Deanna Hayes

Peoria, Ariz.


As a child I experienced the same condition as Jacob Hanna. I didn’t talk to relatives, classmates or teachers, and everyone assumed I was just shy. Like Jacob, I made good grades but I couldn’t overcome my fear of speaking to people. My condition was ignored by adults who thought I would “grow out of it.” Now, as an adult myself, I have anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of others—especially people who I am not comfortable with. It makes everyday tasks seem so difficult. For Jacob’s sake, I hope they can find a way to make this little boy feel confident enough in himself that he can become an outgoing individual. Hang in there, Jacob.

Michelle Booe

Joplin, Mo.


Kudos to Fergie for speaking out about teen sex. It was a very informative story. And she said it accurately when she stated that she wasn’t a perfect role model but a realistic one. A lot of young people look up to her. I think Fergie is a class act.

Billie Walker

Cosby, Tenn.


Thanks to Bill Hewitt, Jeff Truesdell and Lauren Comiteau for the update on Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. Shame on the Aruban system of justice for bungling this case. We may never find out what happened to this beautiful girl.

Matt Engel

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.


Readers were overjoyed that Michael Vick’s dogs are recovering from the abuse and neglect they suffered as part of his dogfighting ring. “Two huge ‘paws up’ for all those involved in helping these animals who were so violently mistreated,” writes Timothy Verret of Austin, Texas. Lesley Hershman of Wilmette, Ill., hopes that “the increased public awareness that this sad case brought to the barbaric practice of dogfighting will help bring an end to this cruel and inhumane ‘sport.'” Many lamented that pit bulls themselves are misunderstood. Julie West of Leavenworth, Kans., says, “This breed has taken the rap unfairly for a long time. I’m glad that people are starting to understand that the owners are the problem, not the dogs.” Three of Vick’s dogs, now completing their training at the Bad Rap rescue group in Oakland, Calif., have found new homes and will be adopted in April.


In our What’s On This Week listings in the March 3 issue, we incorrectly named the Lifetime Network’s show Your Mama Don’t Dance. We regret the error.

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