March 03, 2008 12:00 PM


“My heart breaks for Michelle Williams. I hope that she will be able to mourn in peace”

Mary Megee

Wilmington, N.C.

Rumor, innuendo and speculation have surrounded the tragic death of Heath Ledger. The only resounding fact is that a talented young man is gone and his family and friends are left behind to mourn and wonder what might have been. My heartfelt condolences to those who knew and loved him. I pray that he has found some peace.

Angel Irizarry

Jacksonville, Fla.

How sad that drugs would be the deciding factor in Michelle’s decision to split from Heath. How painful that choice must have been for her. And what a shame that taking drugs was more important to him than staying with his family. Drug addiction is an illness that can be all encompassing. But there are “cures” for this disease that Heath chose not to explore. Choosing not to get help for something that was impacting his life in a very negative way was a tragic error.

Linda Minnis

Huntsville, Ont.

Heath Ledger lived and died a life of substance abuse at its worst. Now his daughter will grow up without a father. I too had to raise a 20-month-old child alone because her father’s life was taken by drugs at the age of 21. Please, let’s be responsible and warn our children about the deadly consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Sharon Matthews

Dearborn Heights, Mich.


For Jessica Alba a surprise pregnancy will not be life altering, as it is for so many young women. Unfortunately as a rich entertainer she carries the burden of being a role model. The United States has a very high rate of unintended pregnancies. Along with these pregnancies come poverty, child abuse and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS. Celebrating Jessica Alba‘s pregnancy is to be expected, but celebrating that it was unintended is a travesty.

Lydia F. Sims, M.D.

Baton Rouge, La.


I know Dr. Drew and his staff have good intentions, but three weeks in rehab is not enough time to get clean and sober. Also there should be no cell phones or visitors allowed.

Regina Rossi

Floral Park, N.Y.


In the last few months every time I’ve seen Angelina Jolie pictured in your magazine she is smiling. This didn’t use to be the case. I’ve never seen her happier than she has been these past few months with Brad and her children. I sympathize with her for the loss of her mother, and I know that must have been hard. But now it’s good to see that she has found the happiness she has long deserved.

Patricia Vance

Shanghai, China


Readers were grateful to the newly crowned Miss America, Kirsten Haglund, for raising awareness of anorexia by revealing she once battled with the disorder. Writes Dr. Carolyn Ross of the Eating Disorder Center of Denver: “Kirsten’s honesty will help the young women who look up to her.” One reader expressed concern for Haglund. “Living with anorexia means always being afraid of relapses,” says Mallory Alberts of Seattle, a recovering anorexic. “I hope she can control her disease under the pressure of being Miss America.” Haglund says the response to her revelation has been eye-opening: “I have girlfriends who finally feel comfortable coming out and talking to me about issues like this.” Harvard has also invited her to the campus in March to talk about her past struggle, and she will appear on Capitol Hill in April to support a bill recommending full insurance coverage for eating disorders.


In our Feb. 4 issue, we should have said Christopher Upton was born a year and a half after his parents, Willie Aames and Victoria Weatherman, were married. We regret the error.

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