June 02, 2008 12:00 PM


“I’m so happy you chose Kate Hudson. She is one of my favorites and is absolutely gorgeous”

Amber Prince

Corpus Christi, Texas

Kate Hudson is a breath of fresh air. I love the fact that she doesn’t conform (this explains her son Ryder’s long hair); she lives by her own rules and is beautiful while doing so. Thank you for choosing someone so completely real.

Jenn Roy

via e-mail

Where is Jon Bon Jovi? C’mon! He should have been included on this year’s Most Beautiful list.

Margaret Faulkner

Phoenix, Ariz.

Katherine Heigl?

Amber Abercrombie, Buffalo, N.Y.

Ryan Phillippe?

Heather Chesna

Worcester, Mass.


Markus Ketty

via e-mail

Kate Hudson got her beauty, talent and charm from her adorable mother, Goldie Hawn. Makes me wonder why Goldie isn’t on the list.

Chuck Pleasants

Rockville, Md.


Like Julianne Moore, I too have spent my life wishing for a different hair color. Not anymore! Thank you for letting the world know that redheads are unique and beautiful and for making me feel special.

Amy Hartman

Grove City, Ohio


Heidi Montag must have been dreaming! She can’t possibly think that we’d believe she looks like that when she wakes up in the morning. Heidi may want to take a cue from the other cast members who were confident enough to show their true selves.

Donna Alves

San Jose, Calif.


Twenty years ago, as an executive director for a battered women’s shelter, I was appalled that women were rinsing and air drying disposable diapers to extend their use. We were able to tap into some of the large retailers who donated diapers from opened packages. Kudos to Joanne Goldblum for taking on this project. She’s providing a healthier life for the children, as well as giving their parents some financial relief.

Kathryn Schoen

Seminole, Fla.


I went to UW-LaCrosse and was a sophomore when the latest student disappeared. I know the area and think it’s idiotic to believe that after a night of partying, young men would just wander alone down to the river and drown. I am glad these deaths are finally being investigated. Someone is out there waiting for an opportunity to do this again.

Stephanie A. Selsor

via e-mail


I do not understand how Jennifer Aniston can be interested in John “love ’em and leave ’em” Mayer. He has blown through so many sweet girls; I hope Jen wises up.

Margaret Loper

via e-mail


Despite the media outcry, readers were reluctant to criticize Miley Cyrus for the controversial photos that appeared recently in Vanity Fair—one of which displayed her bare back. “Since when do we blame a young girl for being manipulated by adults into removing her clothing?” writes Grace Weaverling of Kensington, Md.

“Shame on everyone at that photo shoot for not standing up for Miley.” Many wondered what all the fuss was about. “Did no one know Miley had a back?” asks Angela Keith via e-mail, adding, “I’ve seen much more skin at the beach.”

Jennifer Taborski of Montesano, Wash., writes that the teen star “has done nothing to be ashamed of. Miley is a 15-year-old trying to find her way in a very adult world.”

Since the uproar, Cyrus has stayed focused on work. She is filming a Hannah Montana movie and awaiting the July 22 release of her new album.

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