By People Staff
April 21, 2008 12:00 PM


“I am so happy for Jennifer. The twins are beautiful, and she is going to make a terrific mother”

Sharon Gorden

Bismarck, N.Dak.

  • Thank you for running those elegant photographs of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and their two beautiful babies. Jennifer has always done everything with grace and style, and she continues to earn our admiration. Congratulations to the new parents. Enjoy the magic.
  • Danielle Jade Lutz, Fla.
  • It saddened me to hear that Jennifer Lopez chose not to breast-feed her twins. Breast-feeding is one of the most effective methods of ensuring that a child has a healthy start. Lopez is a role model, and we can only hope that, on this issue, women will not follow her example.
  • Evelyn V. Martinez
  • Executive Director, First 5 LA

Jennifer Lopez will undoubtedly be criticized for her unapologetic decision to bottle-feed, but there is more than one way to feed, nurture and bond with a baby. And she and Marc Anthony are clearly doing just that. Much happiness to the Muñiz children!

Dawn Kaestner

Snohomish, Wash.


Over the last five years your articles about fallen soldiers and their families have helped to remind our nation that there are real people fighting this war. Thank you for bringing us these stories, and thank you to our soldiers for all they have done for us.

Jenny Holmberg

Hudson, Wis.


I was appalled by Heather Mills’ statement that her daughter is meant to travel B class while her father Paul McCartney travels A class. Most divorced parents struggle to meet their children’s basic needs, and she’s bellyaching about a $48.6 million settlement. What Ms. Mills needs to learn is that an amicable relationship with her daughter’s father is much more valuable than traveling and living first class. She needs to get a grip.

Kristen Crosier

Dover, N.H.

The true winner here is not Paul McCartney or Heather Mills. It is Fiona Shackleton. Her new “wet look” is fabulous!

Shana Moore

Beltsville, Md.


A woman who was a willing participant in an illegal act with the governor of New York is offered a million dollars for her nude pictures; her MySpace page is suddenly the place to visit; and she is turned into a celebrity. What could be more pathetic?

Giovanna Foresta

St. Clair Shores, Mich.


  • It’s about time someone reached out to Britney. Kudos to Mel Gibson and wife Robyn for stepping up and helping this troubled young woman find her way back. This relationship is a healthy starting point for someone who once captured so many hearts. Britney Spears will be back, thanks to people like the Gibsons.
  • Stacie Mollman
  • Park Falls, Wis.


With few exceptions, readers were at a loss to understand how Kim Crespi could forgive her husband, David, for stabbing their 5-year-old twin daughters to death in 2006. “Parents are supposed to protect their kids,” writes Leah Hooker of Stanfield, Ore. “How can anyone stand by a spouse who so brutally murdered their children?” Saying she is “furious,” Amanda Furman of Westland, Mich., writes, “Shame on Kim Crespi! Forgiving her husband and hoping he gets pardoned is the biggest crime of all.” But some readers shared Mrs. Crespi’s compassionate view: “Rather than labeling David a monster and Kim a bad mother or naive,” writes Judy Webber via e-mail, “I hope people take the time to learn about mental illness and be thankful they were spared this awful disease.”