March 31, 2008 12:00 PM


“Congrats to Nicole and Joel. Harlow is a gorgeous little girl. I wish them all the happiness in the world”

Renee Tanner

Scranton, Pa.

Move over, Shiloh. Nicole and Joel just had one beautiful baby girl. As the mother of a 3-year-old beauty, I know the pleasures that lie ahead for them. I wish the new parents all the best.

Kerri Miller

Webster, Mass.

As a new mother, my jaw drops every time I read an interview with a new celebrity mom gushing about their perfect baby, how amazing each and every moment is and how fast they get their body back. Not to downplay the joys of becoming a parent, but I wish someone would have the guts to admit how difficult it can be at times. This is just another example of how far the lives of celebrities are from reality.

Jessica Barcelona

Carpinteria, Calif.

Nicole Richie has certainly grown up over the past year. It appears that she’s completely pulled her life together and has turned into an incredible mom. She now seems very down-to-earth and grounded. Parenthood must agree with her.

Lisa Harris

Clementon, N.J.


Marion Cotillard may have won an Oscar as Best Actress, but certainly wouldn’t win as Best Dressed. She looked like a mermaid in her fish-scale dress. All I could think about was Daryl Hannah in Splash. The five actresses in their red dresses looked like goddesses—each one was gorgeous, especially Ruby Dee. She looks better at 85 than women half her age. Good taste is timeless.

Linda Zavodny

Duluth, Ga.


Congratulations to the Harris family on hitting the lottery. However, before they think about buying the Mercedes, maybe they should think about repaying the people they owed money to when they filed for bankruptcy twice.

Donna J. Mayer

Middletown, Ohio

ALEX ALIKSANYAN is a wonderful Web site that is truly helping to give condemned dogs another chance. I was so touched by your story that I visited the site and came across a dog I knew I had to have. I’ll be picking her up soon and will be driving 11 hours to North Carolina to do it. I can’t wait to have this new addition to my family. Thanks for saving so many lives.

Stacey Marrone

Middletown, N.J.


Readers were shocked by the slaying of gay student Larry King, who police say was shot in school by a fellow eighth-grader. “After reading this story I am appalled and disgusted,” writes Tiffany Stottlemyer of Hagerstown, Md. “How does a child get a gun, learn how to use it, bring it into school and open fire right in the middle of class?” Jon Oliver of Boston writes, “More should be done in our nation’s schools to teach self-control and respect for diversity. As early as preschool and the elementary grades, students must be taught the skills needed to appreciate differences and resist actions that may be harmful to themselves and others.” Accused gunman Brandon McInerney, 14, will be arraigned on May 8 and will be tried as an adult; he faces charges of first-degree murder and committing a hate crime.


In our Feb. 18 issue, we should have said singer Katharine McPhee‘s reception was held at St. Vibiana’s. In our March 10 issue, on page 114, we misidentified the woman in the photo with actress Ellen Page. She is Debbie Page, Ellen’s stepmother. In our March 24 issue, we should have said Christina Aguilera is the new face of Stephen Webster’s jewelry line, and Webster should have been credited for the ring on page 128. In the same issue, we mistakenly said Patrick Swayze’s deceased sister Vicky was younger. She was in fact older. And Mr. Swayze is on a high-protein, not a high-fat, diet.

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