March 17, 2008 12:00 PM


“Christina has her priorities straight. She is happily married and savoring every moment of motherhood”

Carol Scalise

Methuen, Mass.

As a beautiful and talented artist Christina has always been an inspiration. The way she overcame her difficult childhood is especially impressive. Now she is truly blessed, and I have no doubt that she will be a fantastic mother. Congratulations to her and Jordan on the birth of their baby boy.

Michele Romanach

Panama City, Fla.

How irresponsible of Christina Aguilera‘s physicians to perform a C-section at 37 weeks just because she was afraid of a possible vaginal tear during childbirth. Although most babies born a few weeks early do well, there are increased risks, including a doubling of the death rate in these near-term newborns. This is not to mention the risks to Christina and her baby associated with the surgery itself.

James Steffen, M.D.

Lee’s Summit, Mo.


I loved the article on Teeba and the Marlowe family in suburban Cleveland which was kind enough to take in this Iraqi child while she is treated for burns. It was a much needed reminder that the ones hurting the most from the war are the youngest. I have also supported the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and know firsthand how much it has helped thousands of children in the Middle East who have been severely injured due to war. Not everyone can give as much as the Marlowes have, but people can “adopt” a child by offering to pay for simple things like a dose of medication. It has made all the difference for a lot of little ones who don’t understand why they are being punished as a result of the actions of destructive adults.

Carol Soudah

Los Angeles, Calif.


Natalie Cole said of Amy Winehouse’s Grammy wins, “We have to stop rewarding bad behavior.” I find it surprising that Ms. Cole would rake Ms. Winehouse over the coals, especially since Natalie was struggling with addiction when she won her early Grammys. Winning a Grammy is a testament to talent, not lifestyle.

Sherri Pack Culbertson

Ashland, Ky.


In your article you asked Barack Obama 25 questions. I am wondering why you didn’t ask him what he has done as our Senator from Illinois? It seems a bit more relevant than asking him what his best effort was on Valentine’s Day.

Kathy Durkin

Orland Park, Ill.


Since we reported on about Rihanna‘s mission to help leukemia-stricken New York City mom Lisa Flynn get a potentially life-saving bone marrow transplant, more than 5,000 readers have contacted DKMS, the world’s leading bone marrow donor center, to become potential donors. “This will end up saving hundreds of lives,” says DKMS spokeswoman Katharina Harf. For Claudia Washington of Houston, Texas, the thought of Flynn’s two young children growing up without a mom compelled her to pick up the phone. “I have a 1-year-old myself, so I said, ‘I have to do this,'” she says. “Way to go, Rihanna, for helping someone like this.” While Flynn, 41, a lawyer, has yet to find a matching donor, she expressed her thanks to the singer: “For Rihanna to help find donors and raise awareness of the tremendous need out there—it’s like an angel joined the cause. There are no words to express how grateful I am.”


The review on page 54 of Margaret B. Jones’s book Love and Consequences went to press before news broke that the memoir was fabricated. The publisher Riverhead Books has since recalled all copies of the book and has cancelled the author’s planned book tour. We regret the confusion.

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