By People Staff
August 06, 2007 12:00 PM


“I hope Chris Benoit will be remembered for what he was—a talented wrestler who gave everything for his fans”

Rhonda Wright

Greenwood, Ind.

Thank you for being the only publication to take an objective look at the Chris Benoit tragedy. As a wrestling fan, it’s hard to hear so many people condemn the sport and make the story all about steroids before all of the facts are made public. My condolences go out to all of the extended Benoit family.

Jeremy Simpson

Hopkins, Mich.

Chris Benoit should have been the American dream because he had it all. But the demons inside him brought out a side we were unaware of. He was a modern-day gladiator who received a tragic thumbs-down by his own doing.

Paul Dale Roberts

Elk Grove, Calif.

I was horrified when I read about Chris Benoit and his family. As the mother of a child with Fragile X syndrome, I know it’s hard enough to handle this condition with two parents in the same house every day. I can’t imagine having to do it alone. Chris was a wonderful wrestler and will forever be missed. May he and his family rest in peace.

Christina Sly

Enid, Okla.


The 15th-anniversary look back at my all-time favorite series was great. I grew up watching Melrose Place and believe there is nothing on prime-time TV today that can match it for sheer enjoyability. Thanks to Darren Star, the cast and crew for all those hours of pure bliss.

Danny Kerr

Hayes, England


I get a great deal of inspiration from the BodyWatch stories in your magazine. What a nice surprise to read about one of my biggest weight-loss heroes, Erik Chopin from The Biggest Loser. That show, and especially Erik, have motivated me to lose 160 lbs. so far, down from 530 lbs. I still have another 170 lbs. to lose, but thanks to Erik and many others featured in PEOPLE, I am confident that I will reach my goal.

John Baker

Nashville, Tenn.


As the mom of two preemies, I was touched by baby Amillia’s story. She is quite the fighter and hopefully will live a very long and healthy life.

Paula Lynn

West Bloomfield, Mich.


Readers were deeply moved by our story about the tragic accident that claimed the lives of five teenage girls whose SUV slammed head-on into a tractor-trailer near Fairport, N.Y. “My heart ached, and tears streamed down my face,” writes Tami Born of Loves Park, Ill. Many readers also offered their prayers and support for David Laverty, 50, the truck driver, who survived with no injuries (no charges have been filed). “The community should also be praying for the man who’ll never forget that awful night,” writes Diane Pike of Victor, N.Y. Investigators looking into the crash have found that text messages were sent back and forth from the driver’s cell just moments before the SUV veered into oncoming traffic. They could not say with certainty if texting caused the accident, but they joined law-enforcement officials across the country in noting that texting while driving has become an all-too-common and dangerous practice among young drivers (see page 121).


In our July 16 issue, we said Fragile X syndrome is a form of retardation often accompanied by autism. Fragile X is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems, including learning disabilities, mental retardation and autism. In our July 2 issue, we said Rachel Hunter’s boyfriend, Jarret Stoll, is nine years her junior. He is 12 years younger than Hunter. We regret these errors.

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