By People Staff
December 31, 2007 12:00 PM


“I know I speak for many Americans when I say our prayers are with Dennis and Kimberly and their twins”

Sunny Collins

Palm Desert, Calif.

I wish the best for the Quaid twins and can understand how helpless Dennis and Kimberly feel. It only takes one careless error to ruin or end a life, and I have witnessed many of those mistakes in hospitals. Everyone in the medical profession needs to be held accountable at all times for the way they do their job.

Terry Lee

Baltimore, Md.

I sincerely hope there will be some serious repercussions for the medical staff that administered the wrong drug dosage to the Quaid babies. Using the excuse that it was just a “mistake” is simply not good enough. The No. 1 rule is to ensure that you are giving the right drug and dosage to the right patient when administering medications. This is especially important when it’s a medication like heparin, where the consequences for any mistake can be very grave. Here’s hoping those babies will have a full and lasting recovery without any ill effects.

Sarah Ritchie

Toronto, Ont.


In my next life, I want to come back as Violet Affleck. She is the happiest kid I have ever seen! Ben and Jennifer were obviously meant to be parents.

Cindy Pennycuff

Appling, Ga.


I can see why it is so hard for some women to resist the thrill of gambling. On top of working, we usually have to take care of a house, bills and children. It’s sad that many women have to look for an outlet away from home rather than be with their husbands, friends or families. I’ve watched a friend spiral out of control and lose it all. It is heartbreaking.

Name Withheld

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Valerie, you look absolutely fantastic. You give hope to all of us “fortysomethings.” Brava!

Mary E. Hampton

El Paso, Texas


What? Tish Cyrus actually grounds Miley or takes away her cell phone for infractions of her rules? Miley has a bedtime that’s stuck to? What a concept. Too bad the clock can’t be turned back so Tish could adopt Britney, Paris and Lindsay.

Anne Leonard

Oakhurst, Calif.


I just had to write to thank you for the complimentary article on Trisha Yearwood and how she’s found her happiness in life with Garth. Everyone knows she is an amazing performer, but as a fan who has been blessed to meet her backstage more than once, I can say she is an amazing person as well. She remembers us and our personal stories from year to year, and anyone can see she truly cares about her fans. You won’t find a more down-to-earth star.

Lisa Menear

Dilliner, Pa.


Rory Gilfillan’s letter in the Dec. 10 Mailbag criticizing Katie Holmes‘s 5 1/2-hour time in the New York City marathon provoked 77 readers to weigh in and defend Holmes’s effort. Most agreed with Rachel Fier of Southborough, Mass., who writes that “every single runner, celebrity or not, deserves credit for their accomplishment, regardless of their finish time. If Katie encouraged one person to get off their couch and start exercising, then the publicity was worth it.” Gail Arnoff of Shaker Heights, Ohio, says she “began running marathons at 57 to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I’m proud that I can complete them, even if it does take me more than six hours. Every runner can make a difference by running for a cause.”