By People Staff
Updated July 09, 2007 12:00 PM
  • “Jen’s new man looks like a combination of Brad Pitt and Vince Vaughn. Is this the best of both worlds?”
  • Adrienne Katz
  • Old Bethpage, N.Y.

I remember going through a breakup, and my mom gave me a card that said, “I see you down the road smiling again and stronger than ever.” At the time I thought that seemed impossible. I was wrong. Life is good. Now I see Jen, who took the high road, is smiling more than ever, and I say cheers to her.

Heidi Paulinellie

Mount Joy, Pa.

All I can say regarding Jennifer Aniston‘s hot new guy is, “Brad who?”

Kelly Davis

Whitehall, Pa.

  • Who cares if Jennifer Aniston has a new guy? I don’t think this update merited a cover story. Please don’t put her on the cover again. She’s not at all newsworthy, and I’m sure others will agree.
  • Concepcion Sebastian
  • via e-mail


As a health care worker, I find it very hard to believe that Andrew Speaker did not realize that he had such a contagious disease. Finding out that you have any form of tuberculosis should be considered serious no matter what strain. It was very selfish and irresponsible of him to board a plane and travel to several other countries. I do wish this man the best of luck with his recovery, and I hope that this is a lesson learned about the seriousness of TB.

Katie Mills

Florissant, Mo.

Andrew Speaker, a personal injury attorney, is no doubt familiar with the terms “reckless disregard” and “negligence.” Does he think that these concepts do not apply to him?

Jeanne Sultz

East Amherst, N.Y.

Paris should accept responsibility for her actions, but what has happened to her is wrong. For the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to pick Ms. Hilton up for a return to court and handcuff her seems a little harsh. I want her to be punished, but the judge could have ordered weekend jail time and community service.

Janice McBryar

Cleveland, Ohio


Referring to the lack of relationship between black and white Americans, Michelle Obama said, “We have so much more in common as people. It’s just that we don’t cross paths as communities.” This is an extremely insightful and truthful statement. I’m a white female Republican, but based on the candor of Mrs. Obama as presented in your article and the possibility of some actual positive change for our country if led by her husband, I’m inclined to give Barack Obama serious consideration for my presidential vote. Maybe Michelle could do something about those uncrossed paths.

Terri Shy

Morehead, Ky.


Some readers reacted strongly to our story on the Duggars, an Arkansas couple with 16 children and another on the way. “Your article on the Duggars made me cry, not with happiness but despair,” writes Susan Saric of Orland Park, Ill. “When will people stop believing it is their right to overpopulate this planet?” Equally dismayed is Becca Castro of Boise, Idaho, who writes, “The Duggars say they’ve left it up to God? I think this is one instance where God would want to be left out.” A few readers applauded the couple. “Cheers to Jim Bob and Michelle,” writes Leigh O’Banion of Austin, Texas. “They are selfless parents who have ‘been fruitful and multiplied.'” Since the article ran, the Duggar family say they have received hundreds of positive e-mails from around the country; Michelle is “feeling great” as she awaits the birth of the family’s 17th child, due July 27.


In our June 18 issue we reported that actress Victoria Principal plans to travel into space in a craft that will fly 360,000 miles above earth. The craft will travel to 360,000 feet above earth. We regret the error.