February 12, 2007 12:00 PM


“What is wrong with men who murder their wives and unborn children? Haven’t they heard of divorce?”

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In the shadow of Laci Peterson, we have another beautiful woman, several months pregnant, bludgeoned to death. What a horrible sight it must have been for her little girl. Jason and Michelle Young seemed the perfect couple. So did the Petersons. Jason’s alleged affair and their financial disputes may only be the tip of the iceberg. Whoever committed this crime should pay dearly.

Paul Dale Roberts

Elk Grove, Calif.

I keep thinking about Michelle Young’s little girl walking around in her mama’s blood, wanting to fix her mama’s booboos. It tears my heart out. I only hope that she is too young to remember any of this. The Bible says that things done in secret will be shouted from the rooftop. I think all we have to do now is sit back and wait for the shouting to start.

Kaye Prickett

Lagrange, Ga.


I took exception to the attacks on Cesar Millan’s dog-training methods. Many of the dogs he works with have owners who were told to put their dogs down because of behavior issues. Cesar works with the dogs and owners calmly and is never harsh or mean. He provides as great a service to owners as he does to dogs. Keep up the great work, Cesar.

Jan Gifford

Bloomington, Ind.

I read your article on Cesar Millan with growing disbelief and anger. I am a practicing small-animal veterinarian who routinely counsels clients on behavior issues with their pets. My methods encourage positive reinforcement, which, while more time consuming, are more effective and rewarding. I am not surprised that his methods are considered by some successful; wasn’t paddling children once preferred discipline?

Tobie Faith

Davis, Calif.


How I wish there had been a place like Kate’s Club for children to grieve the death of a parent 22 years ago when my children saw their dad collapse and die in our garage. They were 13, 11 and 5, and through many tears, love and new responsibilities they are wonderful adults now. It broke my heart the day the 11-year-old took his little brother to a father-son night. If there had been a Kate’s Club, I would have been there immediately.

Marin Goldt

Danville, Calif.


To say that Wesley Autrey, who rescued another man from an oncoming subway car, is a hero only scrapes the surface. I don’t see many strangers willing to hold a door for someone, much less risk their life. What a fine example for his kids and for all of us. Hats off to you, Mr. Autrey.

Stephanie Piercy

Newnan, Ga.


Reader opinion was split over our story about Ashley X, the severely disabled 9-year-old whose parents arranged for her to have several medical procedures to stop her growth and make it easier to care for her. “I too am the parent of a severely disabled 9-year-old girl,” writes Melissa Bancerowski of Buffalo, N.Y. “Yes, she is getting heavier and taller, [but] I’d never stunt her growth to make it easier on myself. Ashley is beautiful; unfortunately her parents thought only of themselves.” Others felt it unfair to judge Ashley’s parents. “I was fortunate to have our ‘special needs’ great-grandson at our home for most of his 4½ years of life,” writes Jean Rice of Oroville, Calif. “He was a total joy, and believe me, it takes a village to care for a child who can’t hold his head up. Unless you have cared for such a child, how dare you criticize. I wish Ashley and her parents the best.”

Corrections: In our Jan. 15 issue, the photo of Carly Simon should have been credited to photographer Heidi Wild. In our Jan. 29 issue we stated that Mark Curry was treated at St. Francis Hospital in Oakland. The hospital is actually in San Francisco.

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