June 18, 2007 12:00 PM


“My heart breaks for Kate and Gerry McCann. I hope and pray that their daughter Madeleine will be found”

Kristen Kulzick

Waukesha, Wis.

I have no doubt that Kate and Gerry McCann are loving and responsible parents who believed their children were safe. I hope Madeleine’s story will be a lesson to all parents to keep a vigilant eye on their children, especially in public. Let’s make it impossible for predators to ruin any more lives.

Julie Lanio

St. Louis, Mo.

I am absolutely stunned by the convoluted logic of Madeleine McCann’s parents. They felt safer by not entrusting their children to a stranger’s care, and instead left three young children alone in a hotel room while they dined elsewhere in the resort. Leaving children unattended in a hotel room puts them at risk of being trapped if there’s a fire, or waking up frightened at finding themselves alone or, in the worst case scenario, being kidnapped. The McCanns have paid a terrible price for their negligence.

Mary-Lynne Dunn

Toronto, Ont.

Gerry and Kate McCann are not the only parents who have ever made questionable decisions. I hope people don’t judge them because of the choice they made but, instead, focus on praying for the safe return of their precious daughter.

Lisa Maggio

Boulder, Colo.


Good for Brooke Shields for bringing awareness to postpartum depression, but not for suggesting drug therapy as an option for treatment, when she herself knows it’s not easy to get off anti-depressants. Should women get help? Of course. But should that help include psychiatric drugs? Those of us who are aware of the realities of antidepressants shout a resounding no.

Deborah LaPlante

Manitou Beach, Mich.


For you to characterize Jerry Falwell as a great statesman is as laughable as Tinky Winky’s being gay. It’s most telling that an obituary about a man who was supposed to be a minister focuses almost exclusively on his quest for political power.

Valerie Williamson

Tigard, Ore.


Has it really been two decades since Dirty Dancing‘s sexy teacher Johnny Castle seduced us with his hip-swaying moves? Patrick Swayze 20 years later is just as sexy as he ever was.

Brooke Ridgeway

Florence, S.C.


For his courageous battle with life-threatening cancer, I give Roger Ebert a two-thumbs-up. He is a valiant fighter.

Kenneth Zimmerman

Huntington Beach, Calif.


In our May 21 issue we wrote that Patrick Dempsey gave his wife a Demitasse Jewelry necklace; he did not. In our May 28 issue, we stated that Kelly Bishop played Mary in Dirty Dancing; her character was called Marjorie. We also reported that Lonny Price played the resort owner’s son; he played the grandson.


Our story about the Atlanta couple who claim they tried to raise their infant son on a vegan diet and were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and murder when the 6-week-old died elicited a torrent of emotional responses from readers, many of whom felt the story cast vegans in an unfairly negative light. “It’s a tragedy, but a vegan diet is not the culprit here,” writes Kathryn Cord of Riverside, Calif. “I have friends who are raising happy, healthy children who abstain from meat and dairy.” Some doctors believe a strict vegan diet for nursing mothers can be risky for their infants and suggest vitamin supplements. But those who wrote in all agreed that the blame for the child’s death rests squarely with the parents, not the diet. “The sad story of this baby’s demise is about ignorant parents who starved him to death,” writes Dr. Jay Gordon of the UCLA Medical School. “I have been a pediatrician for 28 years and have watched hundreds of families raise vegan children.” Under any circumstances, urges Jen Miller, a nutritionist from Smithsburg, Md., “talk to your doctor.”

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