August 28, 2006 12:00 PM


“It was brave of Lance to come out, and he did so with grace. His true fans will love him no matter what.”

Lisa Burstiner

Hoboken, N.J.

Lance Bass is a courageous young man. Coming out to your family and friends is hard enough; to do so to the world is a lot harder. I know, as I took this step more than 25 years ago. And while a lot has changed in 25 years, we in the gay community have a long way to go before we achieve equal rights and equal protection under the law. As far as being an activist is concerned, one does not really look for the fight; the fight simply finds you. And so while Lance wishes to be neither a poster child for gay rights nor an activist, if he wants to adopt a child one day, he may end up as one or both. Otherwise, Lance had better make sure he lives in the right state, as very few states in this country allow adoption by single or coupled gays, and in our present climate, that number is going down. So as our fight for equality continues, I will not be surprised to one day see Lance Bass marching with the rest of us, right there in the front row. Good luck, Lance.

Martina Navratilova

via e-mail

I want to thank Lance for his honesty. My 7-year-old daughter saw the cover and asked why anyone would admit to being gay. I explained that being gay is not wrong; God made everyone different for a reason. Thank you, Lance, for letting everyone know that being gay does not mean that you’re not normal.

Sandra Holowathy

Allentown, Pa.

Lance Bass can lead any kind of lifestyle he chooses, but he can’t be a homosexual and a Christian, and he should not mislead others into believing that he is at peace with God. Homosexuality is an abomination to God. Loving and accepting people is what all of us should do, but the Bible teaches us that the lifestyle Lance has chosen is absolutely forbidden.

Kathy Taylor

Midfield, Ala.


I was disgusted at the idiocy and selfishness of Gary Hall Jr., who encountered a shark after spearing a snapper. As a dive master who has logged hundreds of hours with over 20 species of shark, I find it disheartening to see a story where sharks are yet again maligned and vilified due to the stupidity of a human being. Gary put his and his sister’s lives in danger by refusing to drop a fish in an environment where humans are only visitors. Would anyone do that in Africa if a lion wanted the elk they were dragging along?

Ramna Brandt

San Francisco, Calif.


On the page opposite the article about the “abject apology” that cheating husband Peter Cook offered his, hopefully, soon-to-be ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, there was an advertisement with a pizza’s apology for giving toast “crust envy.” Frankly, I believe the pizza.

Jennifer Peaty

Vancouver, Wash.


Readers who commented on our story about the doctor and two nurses who were arrested for allegedly killing four patients at a New Orleans hospital in the desperate days following Hurricane Katrina voiced near unanimous support for the defendants. “The arrests of the doctor and her nurses is an outrage,” writes Steven Burr of Kennebunk, Maine. “Would [the families] feel better knowing their loved ones died agonizing, horrible deaths being baked alive?” But Shelly Plasse of Lutherville, Md., was less forgiving: “I sincerely hope that every effort is taken to investigate the questionable deaths and that, if found guilty, these women are prosecuted to the nth degree.”

Correction In our Aug. 7 issue, we ran a photo of Uma Thurman with a man we identified as her boyfriend, Andre Balazs. The man was actually Thurman’s friend Andrew Cohen. We regret the error.

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