August 14, 2006 12:00 PM


Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are adorable together and proof that opposites do attract.”

L.H. Bouck

San Luis Obispo, Calif.

I would personally like to say to Jennifer Aniston, “You are beautiful, sweet and compassionate. You and Vince seem to make a great couple just by understanding the people that you both are.” I would love to see what beautiful children you two would make, as I am sure that you would both be great parents.

Kristen McIntosh

Social Circle, Ga.

You go, Jennifer! Your fans are rooting for you—Vince over Brad any day. Don’t worry, the poster child for family dysfunction [Angelina Jolie] will fall for yet another leading man, and Brad will end up where he should be.

T. Robinson

via e-mail

I was shocked to read that Jen is a “health nut” when in fact she was a smoker. She eats right and works out, which is great, but a moot point if she still smokes.

Christy Beck

Fountain Hills, Ariz.

Let me see if I get this right. Vince Vaughn comes to South Dakota to make a movie that will provide him with a chunk of change far greater than what most of us living here will ever see, yet he isn’t smart enough to keep his rude comments about South Dakota to himself. Well, Vince, this one’s for you: Get a-goin’!

Pauline Rhoades

Yankton, S.Dak.


I have watched As the World Turns since childhood and sporadically in my adult years, as life has distracted me from time to time. Nevertheless, I could always count on the familiar face of Hendrickson’s character, Hal Munson. Hendrickson had the perfect face to play Hal: world-weary, with miles of pain and regret lurking behind his eyes. But it was the genuine human approach he took to a character that could have been one-dimensional who will stay with me. There are great actors in daytime television, and Benjamin Hendrickson was one of them. He will be missed.

Sarah Breemer

Newton, Iowa


After all is said and done, I find it appalling that Amber Frey’s father could make such a comment as, “Only two guys ever wanted to marry her … the first killed his wife, and now Bobby.” Does he really believe that murderer Scott Peterson wanted to marry her? Please, Scott is a proven liar. Hopefully, Laci’s parents won’t see that comment.

Susan Spinney

Manteca, Calif.


When I saw Matthew McConaughey on the cover running on the beach with no shirt on, I ripped the issue off the shelf. Next time you put the hottest guy on the planet inside your magazine, though, please don’t put him in the fold with a staple through his arm. Thanks, and be more careful next time!

Shannon J.

Pearland, Texas


A number of readers were awed by our story about Ben Underwood, the blind 14-year old who adapted to his sight loss by using echolocation—determining the location of objects by making clicking sounds and listening for the echoes off nearby surfaces. “Few articles have inspired me the way Ben’s has,” writes Lou Celia Frost of San Antonio, Texas. “His ability to adjust using echolocation is amazing. However, the greatest lessons learned may be the ones of love and patience embodied by his family.” Other readers were more succinct, if no less impressed. “Forget Superman and Batman,” writes Cissy Foster of Myrtle Beach, S.C., “I have a new superhero named Ben Underwood.”

Correction In our July 31 issue, we dated a photo of Jack Nicholson and Lara Flynn Boyle as being from July 18, 2006. The photo was actually not taken this year. We regret the error.

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