December 18, 2006 12:00 PM


“I’m impressed that your definition of sexy includes not just drop-dead good looks but also personal integrity”

Randi Pierz, San Diego, Calif.

“Darn, now all the world will know how funny, charming, intelligent, talented, handsome and sexy George is. It was much more fun being the only person privy to this information. I swear, Darlin’, it wasn’t me who leaked it to the press.

Karen Sandberg

River Falls, Wis.

Thanks so much for putting the Great One on your cover again. George Clooney may never get remarried (and I wouldn’t either if I were you, George), but based on your magazine’s profile, he is still a romantic at heart. Love that!

Ann K. Bowman

Santa Monica, Calif.

I am probably in the minority, but I do not find George Clooney to be at all sexy. Sure, he has a nice enough face and body for a man his age, and he is a talented actor. But as soon as he starts airing his political views, whether I agree with them or not, any warm feelings I have quickly disappear. I wish he would stick to his day job.


George Clooney? Who’s doing the voting? The Golden Girls?

Joann Moore

Ceritos, Calif.


This supposed priest should be locked up for life. All Catholic priests are not like O’Grady, and his diocese should be ashamed for not turning him in to the authorities.

Lisa Wright

Wichita, Kans.


I get PEOPLE religiously every week, and though I was thrilled with the Sexiest Man issue, I was disappointed in the little article about Ed Bradley. One page on his life? Oh, sorry, two pages, one with his picture. It’s a shame that a great reporter like him didn’t get more.

S. Chatfield

Mason, Mich.


So, even Oprah was having trouble coming up with the ideal wedding gift. How about $1,000 to be donated to someone more needy? It’s not like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes needed another toaster or vase.

Nancy Chuck

Oconomowoc, Wis.


Donald Trump Jr. says he wants to be a hands-on dad, which normally includes diaper duty. Yet his comment that “Trumps don’t do diapers” makes me livid. His idea of being hands-on is apparently handing a fistful of dollars to a staff member who then performs the mundane day-in, day-out child care. If this is the fabric that Donald Trump Jr. is made of, here’s hoping he will not be in a hurry to have more children.

Rhonda Bertram

Crown Point, Ind.


In our Nov. 27 issue, we reported that Andrea Jaeger was 19 when she retired from professional tennis. She was 22. We regret the error.

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