October 23, 2006 12:00 PM


“No person should have to bury one of their children. My heart goes out to Anna Nicole”

Joanne Knupp

Queen Creek, Ariz.

The story regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith‘s son Daniel absolutely breaks my heart. Being a mother of a 10-month-old daughter, I can’t imagine the pain Anna Nicole must be feeling. Hopefully the blessed birth of her daughter will help her heal, and Anna Nicole and her daughter will always have a guardian angel.

Cari Hagopian

San Clemente, Calif.

My son is 19, and we share a close bond like Anna Nicole and her son Daniel. I can’t imagine what she must be going through. And now the spotlight is on her daughter with stories of who the father is. I say we leave Anna Nicole alone and let her have some peace. She will tell her story when she’s ready. Let’s pray for her and let Daniel rest in peace.

J. McBryar

Cleveland, Tenn.

From one mother to another, no words of mine can ever express how utterly sad I feel for Anna Nicole, who has just had half of her heart removed by the premature passing of her first child. The only consolation, perhaps, might be that she had 20 blessed years with Daniel. Daniel, may peace and joy be in every step that you walk now. Bless you.

Joanne Leger

Otterburn Park, Quebec


Oh, please! So Clay Aiken is free to tell us the deep, dark secrets of his father and mother and speak about his anxiety attacks and the medication he is on. He can make himself out to be above drinking and clubbing and can talk about how he’s supposedly a spokesman for all the geeks of the world, but heaven forbid someone dare ask him about his sexual preference? Gee, Clay, you can’t have it both ways. You better be willing to be asked about things you consider unpleasant.

Kyle Helton

Los Angeles, Calif.

I voted for Clay to win American Idol, and I will continue to purchase all of his CDs. Like most people in America, I couldn’t care less what his sex life is all about, gay or straight. It has become a sad and silly pastime in this country whereby we have to announce what we do in private. Thank you, Clay, for having some good, old-fashioned manners.

Sally Ashe

Martinez, Calif.


I adored the article and photographs of Elizabeth Taylor. She is the quintessential mega-superstar. As my husband and I sit here tonight and watch Taylor’s film Giant for the fifth time, I will celebrate both her talent and her beauty. Thank you for a well-deserved hurrah to a living legend.

Kim Dingus

Wake Forest, N.C.


After reading our story about Elizabeth Edwards’s battle with breast cancer, many women wrote in about their own experiences. Recalling how Edwards first revealed her diagnosis in 2004, Nancy Stone of Westborough, Mass., writes, “I want to thank her for sharing her story because it helped me discover my own breast cancer. I had it promptly treated and got back to a normal life, working full-time, playing tennis and skiing with my husband, children and grandchildren.” Says Jodi Ragner of La Crosse, Wisc.: “I’m 35 and was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. Reading Elizabeth’s story felt like reading about my journey and how I too fought the good fight.”

Correction In our Sept. 25 issue we stated that Parkinson’s disease sufferer Jim Sweet was suing a drug-maker because he believed the meds he was taking caused him to develop a compulsion for gambling. Sweet had, in fact, already resolved the lawsuit. We regret the error.

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