September 25, 2006 12:00 PM


“I have to wonder one thing: Is it just me or is John Mark Karr the creepiest guy on the planet?

Macy Carew


Let me get this straight: Not only do we have to worry about murderers, rapists and pedophiles, we also have to worry about sick “wannabe” murderers, rapists and pedophiles who conjure up stories to fulfill their twisted fetishes? Honestly, what’s next? John Mark Karr is a threat to society and should be locked up for life. And for all the other wannabes out there that think it may be “cool” to follow in this loser’s footsteps, think again.

T. Langelier


It’s no wonder we have weirdos confessing to notorious murders. Karr got on the cover of PEOPLE magazine. With one tall tale he’s hit the big time. I feel sorry for his family and the Ramseys, who are certainly going through anguish over this man’s baloney. He’s one person the world didn’t need to know about.

Kristyn Crow

Layton, Utah

I abhor the depiction of JonBenét on the cover. Why is there no picture of this little beauty being her 6-year-old self? Why is she remembered as a dressed-up robot with makeup to mask her innocence? She should be seen playing with stuffed animals and laughing over birthday cake. Maybe then the world would see a child and not a 6-year-old model.

Bridget Doyle

Derry, N.H.

I hope the system will find the help Karr is crying out for and make sure that there were no children hurt by him. As a mother of four I would be terrified to know that this man had any contact with my children. This needs looking into now.

Tammy Hamersma

Tenafly, N.J.


Justin Timberlake‘s comments that American Idol winner Taylor Hicks “can’t carry a tune in a bucket” are another pathetic attempt by a talentless boy band has-been to ride the coattails of a truly unique singer and performer. Timberlake should take some lessons from Hicks and learn how to be more of a southern gentleman. Long live the Soul Patrol!

Marianne Apfelbaum

Williston, Vt.


Well, it’s good to know that fashion designer Devi Kroell, who uses animal skins to create her line of accessories, isn’t entirely heartless in her quest to make a dollar. She stated that she would be “reluctant to use cute animals like chinchillas.” I wonder if she ever took time to appreciate the beauty of animals before they adorned any of her wealthy clients.

April Riffe

Columbia, Md.


I have got to have a copy of that Star Tracks photo of Matt Lauer and his daughter at the beach! I’ve always loved him, but without his shirt on … dang! Can I have some chips with that six-pack?

D. Battleson

via e-mail


Most readers took a skeptical view of our story about Jim Sweeney, the Parkinson’s disease sufferer who is suing the pharmaceutical company that made the medication he was taking, claiming it turned him into an obsessive gambler. “A man falls into the grips of gambling, nearly loses his wife and family and all their savings and it is the fault of medication?” writes Pamela Clifford of Branford, Conn. “Sounds like the biggest lawsuit scam ever.” At least one reader, though, Vickie England of Tacoma, Wash., says her ex-husband went through similar changes due to Parkinson’s medication. “My children and I didn’t even know the gambling was as bad as it was until [my ex-husband] had lost everything and more that we had worked for for 32 years,” writes England. “The pain will always remain.”

Correction In a photo on page 124 of our Sept. 18 issue, the faces of Dalton and Dillon Corbin should have been digitally obscured. We regret the error.

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