February 13, 2006 12:00 PM


Your positive article about Angelina Jolie‘s pregnancy was gratifying. She has already shown she’s a true humanitarian and a great mother. And the Brad Pitt who has evolved over the past year has every reason to be proud of himself.

Pat D’Agostini

Lompoc, Calif.

Congratulations on your exclusive and great story. I have asked others to support you by buying more than one copy.

Cassie Neils

Toronto, Ont.

I was in tears looking at the beautiful photos of this amazing family. Thank you, Brad and Angelina, for not giving in to the haters and following your hearts right into each other’s arms. You’re more glorious because of it.

Lana Wright

Newport Beach, Calif.

Shame on PEOPLE for glamorizing Brangelina’s spawn! These two aren’t global do-gooders; they’re national home-wreckers.

Brooke Gillespie

Denver, Colo.

What a slap in the face to Jennifer Aniston! Brad, you owe her an apology. And Jen, be glad he’s out of your life.

S. Frame

Coon Rapids, Minn.

Your magazine said they are expecting their first child. Isn’t Maddox their first one? I’m sure all of the families created through adoption, such as mine, took offense at the wording on your cover.

Julie Larson

via e-mail


Many of your stories make me cry, but none as much as the one about the Sago miners. When I read the letter scrawled by one man to his family, I sobbed uncontrollably. That they had the presence of mind to write to their families that it “wasn’t bad” is amazing. Just letting the families know they didn’t suffer is truly a blessing. Thanks, PEOPLE, for bringing their stories and lives to us.

Connie R. Elbe

Green Bay, Wis.

Of all the news items I saw about these men, yours is the only one that gave individual tributes to each man and a little insight into what kind of men they were.

Pat Scharf

Sunman, Ind.


I read your story about James Frey embellishing the facts in his memoir A Million Little Pieces. His book is the best I’ve ever read—fiction or nonfiction. It really upsets me that some people in our society insist on bashing someone just because they’ve achieved success.

Jennifer Waldman

Kansas City, Mo.

It was Frey’s responsibility to submit an honest account of his journey from addiction to recovery. Doing otherwise has damaged his credibility as a recovering addict and writer. An addict’s life is colorful enough without fabrication.

Ellen S. Hartman

Fond du Lac, Wisc.


Marylin Christian and the DNA investigation of her cat’s death generated the second largest number of letters (after the cover story) from readers who expressed empathy for, and criticism of, the effort by the Virginia resident.

My deepest sympathy to Marylin, who discovered that her cat Cody had been attacked by a neighborhood dog. I applaud her efforts to obtain justice.

Betsy Schindler

Baltimore, Md.

Although I feel her pain, I only wish I had the money for something as silly as animal DNA testing.

Angie Martel

Blue Springs, Mo.

I take exception to the statement that losing Cody “was like losing a child,” attributed to Marylin’s husband, Eric. I’ve lost a pet and a child. Losing a pet leaves one saddened. Losing a child leaves one devastated.

Susan Howard

San Diego, Calif.

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