April 24, 2006 12:00 PM


“Diana’s grace, beauty, charm and humanitarianism are missed in today’s world. Rest in peace”

Ida Salamon West Palm Beach, Fla.

If the driver hadn’t driven over 100 mph through a Paris tunnel simply to evade the paparazzi, if Diana had been wearing a seat belt, if the driver had evaded the column. I wouldn’t think a professional intent on murdering someone would want so many uncontrollable variables. Turn this situation around and think of the consequences if a failed attempt had been made. Who could survive the repercussions? Diana died from a tragic accident and nothing more.

Bill Brandt

Sacramento, Calif.

Like the JFK assassination, the late Princess Diana’s “accident” is knee-deep in lies and cover-up, just as I thought the moment she died. She was young and beautiful and very compassionate and influential. I believe the House of Windsor eliminated her because they saw her as a major threat to them.

Sophia Sherman

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

My irritation with this week’s issue is twofold. First, why is Princess Diana on your cover … again? It’s been almost a decade since she died. Second, why are people still babbling about conspiracy theories? Let her rest in peace.

Amanda Michell

Waukesha, Wis.


Being that I have seen the fertility roller coaster with my own family, I was touched by the article about the surrogate mom. I hope that people realize that having a child is a lifelong dream for so many—and unattainable. April Petersen’s having the baby for the couple in Belgium was the most unselfish thing someone can do for another. Money or not, she gave life to a couple who may not have had the chance to experience parenthood firsthand.

Jennifer Good Kalem

Jacksonville, Fla.

I wish happiness to little Paul as he joins his family. However, as a parent who chose adoption as a way to make our family complete, I have to confess to having a sick feeling as I read the words of Paul’s parents, “Peter and I wanted our own child; we didn’t want to adopt.” Like Paul, our daughter was born thousands of miles away in another country, to birth parents she will never know but whom we will never be able to thank enough for this precious gift. She was, at the moment she was placed in my arms, “our own child.”

Karen Cook

Cohasset, Mass.


How one-sided can their relationship be? So Katie has made the effort to learn about Scientology, but has Tom even taken any interest in Katie’s prior beliefs or upbringing? Has he learned about Catholicism or made the effort to incorporate that into their relationship? No, so it seems. It’s Tom’s way or the highway. I’d get a pair of walking boots, Katie.

Heather Peter

Riverside, Calif.


Whoever decided to decorate Rusty Yates’s groom cake with a ball and chain needs sensitivity training. To equate his new marriage with life in prison, when his former wife is in prison for drowning their five children, is appalling. I only hope the bride and groom felt the same.

Bridget Bidonde

Porter Corners, N.Y.


After our story on Ambien and the unusual side effects it can have on some users, many readers wrote to relate their own encounters with the sleep drug.

“… In 2004 I found a new Honda in my garage. How do you tell someone you don’t remember buying a car?”

Nadia deCordova

via e-mail

“… I was the winning bidder of a stove on eBay. I had no recollection.”

Name withheld

Flagstaff, Ariz.

“… [I had] sex with my husband and didn’t know until he said, ‘Thanks for the great night,’ the next morning.”

Name withheld

Auburn, Calif.

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