November 21, 2005 12:00 PM


I’m happy for Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. She stood tall, moved on and found herself a guy who brings out a side of her we never saw. Congrats, Vince. You’ve found yourself a great lady.

Sharon Redden

Winnipeg, Man.

Jennifer, you successfully marry one of Hollywood’s sexiest superstars. Next you dump him. Then you casually hook up with Vince, the absolute hottest man alive, while maintaining your class. It’s official, Jennifer, you’re my hero.

Staci Frazior

Little Rock, Ark.

Brad who? Welcome, Vince Vaughn! You’re the 6′ 5″ cure for a broken heart. Go Jennifer go!

Felicia Falso

Dallas, Texas

I’d take Vince over Brad Pitt any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Jane Consolo

Orlando, Fla.

How offensive that PEOPLE asks can Vince fill Brad’s shoes? The question is, why should he have to? Vince seems wonderful enough on his own. I just hope that Jennifer is worthy of this hunk!

Laurie Johnson

Los Angeles, Calif.


I was moved to tears about the courageous children and their families who have stayed at the wonderful pediatric hospice, George Mark Children’s House. After wiping my tears and hugging my own children, I feel compelled to thank Dr. Barbara Beach and Dr. Kathy Hull and their caring and compassionate staff, for providing comfort and dignity to those facing an impossibly difficult situation.

Pam Hood

Plumsteadville, Pa.

I’ve never given to charity in my life, but I want to donate something for these children. I bawled my eyes out when I read about the little girl who wanted to be a princess at her funeral and had a pink crown placed on her head. Thanks for publishing such a well-written story and inspiring me to donate to this hospice.

Leah Abraham

Omaha, Neb.


How comforting to read “A Town at War” and Jeff Brown’s comments at the end of your story. I was beginning to think I was the only one who has a problem reconciling intelligent design with Darwin’s evolution. Thanks for shedding light on a very contentious issue.

Russ Persson

Vernon, Conn.

Once again, thanks to media bias and ignorance of the facts, the public is denied the complete story on this debate. As a science teacher and biologist, I know that even the majority can be wrong when their opinions are based on skewed research and deliberate misinformation. Scientific evidence is scientific evidence, regardless of whether it originates from a big bang or from a Creator.

Randolph Merrill

St. Louis, Mo.


Thanks, Camryn Manheim for speaking out on your struggle with rheumatoid arthritis. Not many people seek treatment or realize those achy fingers or sore feet could be arthritis. I was diagnosed with RA at 16. I’m now 39, still fighting the battle as well as being an active mother and wife. Just remember, Camryn, you don’t struggle with it, you manage italong with your life as a great mom.

Kim Spehar

Rockford, Mich.


While I agree everyone deserves the right to happiness, I can’t look at the face of Camilla Parker Bowles without thinking of all the pain she caused poor Princess Diana. They can dress Camilla to the nines, but she’s still a homewrecker.

Mary Ingram

Centralia, III.

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