By People Staff
Updated November 14, 2005 12:00 PM


Congratulations on Tom and Katie’s upcoming heavenly arrival. My friends and I wish more people would find love and happiness like they have.

Kit Bromberg

via e-mail

I was thrilled to see your cover. The genuine feelings of love this super couple feels for one another are very apparent. Married or not, this baby is going to be born into a world surrounded by the love of both devoted parents. It looks like Katie is living out her dream of one day marrying Tom and having children—just not in that order.

Robyn Franco

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Since Tom feels it’s his place to throw stones at role models and the responsibility of celebrities, he’s fair game to be stoned himself. How irresponsible is it to get your young girlfriend pregnant without the benefit of marriage?

John Gordon

Anaheim Hills, Calif.

Tom and Katie having a baby? Good for them. Let’s all hope she doesn’t experience any postpartum depression. If so, she better use her acting skills to the best of her ability.

Mrs. Brett Devlin

Beacon, N.Y.

  • Shame on Jude Law for cheating in the first place. Now his relationship with Sienna Miller is off because of her friendship with Daniel Craig? She should have dumped him the first time and should consider this a blessing in disguise.

Brigitte Louzeiro

New York, N.Y.


The remarkable story of Survivor’s Jenn Lyon further demonstrates the riskiness of breast implants. Health insurance or not, if she felt those lumps in her breast without implants, she probably would have gotten medical attention much sooner. The complications of breast implants gave her a reason to deny she had a serious medical condition.

Nina Forte

Oro Valley, Ariz.


The photo of Sharon Stone in Star Tracks should have been headlined “What Was She Thinking?” At first glance, I thought it was the Queen Mother on a bad day.

Candy Buries

Long Beach, Calif.


First you gave Martina McBride’s new album the glowing review it deserves. Then you gave Martina the story she deserves. Finally, my two favorite things have come together—PEOPLE and Martina McBride.

Erin Rulon

Thousand Oaks, Calif.