September 26, 2005 12:00 PM


The photo of Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara on your cover is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Baby Zahara is the picture of beauty and health because of Angelina’s love. I can’t think of a better thing to do than save a baby who would otherwise not have a chance. Angelina has inspired me to adopt an Ethiopian baby of my own.

Karen Troiano

Hamburg, N.Y.

I can’t believe you put homewrecker Angelina on your cover and promoted her as such a good mother. Great moms don’t steal other women’s husbands.

S. Davis

Chicago, III.

For crying out loud, Angelina is obviously trying to become the next Mia Farrow by adopting every poor little disadvantaged scamp the world over. How about adopting some good old red-white-and-blue American kids? If we don’t adopt American, our country will fall.

Stephen Weiss

Palm Desert, Calif.


Your article about Scott Peterson and his self-loving new moniker “Scottie-Too-Hottie” just about made me lose my lunch. It irks me Scott receives so many privileges in prison. Incarceration is supposed to be punishment. A television in his cell? Books to read? Bacon and eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast? Steak dinner? If there were any real justice in our society, Scott would be having bread and water as meals and the three meals he gets each day would be given to a deserving person at a homeless shelter.

Lonna Giles

Newcastle, Calif.

What a big heart Nicole Kidman has to visit Dylan Hartung, a 6-year-old boy battling cancer. She did this on her own, and it wasn’t just a onetime deal. Nicole also brought her son Connor to spend time with Dylan. Reading about this brought tears to my eyes with Nicole being so wonderful to this little boy and for all children battling cancer. They’re real heroes and so is she.

Carol Chain

Bryn Mawr, Pa.


It’s heartening to see Prader-Willi syndrome receive attention in the mainstream press. My nephew is a PWS survivor with the loving care and support of his family. Often the most distressing aspect of PWS is the ridicule, stares and lack of understanding from those who don’t know the challenges and struggles. All they may see is an overweight person who can’t stop eating, or perhaps they misunderstand the lengths a family goes to to help their loved one survive. Thank you, PEOPLE magazine, for showing the world that PWS patients and their families do fight and continue to have hope.

D.K. Eichholz

Muncie, Ind.


There really are angels in the world. Carolyn Hall is an inspiration to all. How extraordinary this woman is to take perfect strangers into her home and help those individuals get back on their feet. I feel stronger knowing there are such great people in the world. Carolyn is an awesome lady with a huge heart.

Kari Rady

Inverness, Fla.


In our Sept. 12 Scoop Pop Quiz, we should have reported that Ice Cube is 36, not 46. And in that same issue, our feature “He’s 22, She’s 14. Should They Be Allowed to Marry?” should have stated that the legal age for marriage in Alabama with parental consent is 16, not 14. We regret these errors.

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