January 31, 2005 12:00 PM


Your cover story was the New Year kick in the pants I needed to get going to lose weight and lead a healthy life. Thanks for publishing the stories of everyday people making it happen on their own.

Eve T. Heaton

Beaufort, S.C.

Finally an article about the truth that obese, sedentary Americans don’t want to hear. There’s no shortcut to fitness and healthy living. Being thin and fit is hard work and requires sweat, sacrifice, willpower and daily commitment. The women in your cover story “Half Their Size” prove it can be done without fad diets or a surgeon’s knife.

Michael A. Schremmer, M.D.

Sarasota, Fla.

As always, PEOPLE has done an excellent job! Lifestyle changes are so vital to keeping weight off. I was my heaviest at 265 lbs. in 1990 when I decided to make a final commitment to changing my life completely. Fifteen years later, I’ve maintained my weight loss through proper nutrition and daily exercise. Thanks again for a great issue.

Karen Canzoneri

San Francisco, Calif.

Congratulations to all the women who lost weight. What a great cover story for the first magazine of the year. Can you reserve your cover for me in 2006 for my weight-loss success story? These women have inspired me.

Dana Bailey

Frohna, Mo.

While I congratulate all the people in your article on their great weight loss, everyone from 134 lbs. to 165 lbs. is wearing a size 8, which isn’t possible. No way can anyone at 121 lbs. wear a size 4. I’m 120 and have always worn a size 6 or 7. Let’s get realistic on the sizes.

Helen Rogers

Dumfries, Va.

“Half Their Size” revealed many diet and exercise tips but didn’t answer the question of how these people and millions of other Americans got so big in the first place. Compulsive overeating is an addiction. I think your readers deserve to know about some of the programs that treat the mental and emotional aspects of overeating.

Rebecca Cutter

Los Angeles, Calif.


Amber Frey was quick to form a relationship with Scott Peterson, a man she barely knew. She was quick to turn against him and help the police frame him. She was quick to replace him, have a child with a new man and have a book out. I just hope she’s going to disappear quickly from the media and our memories. To stop seeing her soon won’t be quick enough for me.

Arlene Saint-Prix

Montreal, Que.

It was with massive disgust I noticed your excerpt of Amber Fray’s book. It’s probably too much to hope that Laci Peterson’s family will sue this morally challenged dimwit for seeking to profit from her connection with their daughter’s death, but one can dream.

Margaret Pennetti

Burien, Wash.


I’m an animal lover who understands the grief of losing a beloved pet companion. But I’m sorry, the woman in your article “Copied Cat,” who spent $50,000 to clone her cat, is the height of self-indulgence, and her actions are downright unconscionable. Consider the good causes to which that money could have gone and the number of unwanted pets who await adoption.

J. Parker

Orland, Calif.


Your Scoop article about Matt LeBlanc and his family brought tears to my eyes. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. My prayers are with the family, and I hope that the doctors are able to find out what is wrong with their daughter Marina and that she will have a bright future with no more seizures.

Kelli Hardin

Beale AFB, Calif.


Thanks for featuring Topher Grace. With so much written about Ashton Kutcher‘s and Wilmer Valderrama’s social lives, it’s easy to forget why That ’70s Show is popular. Grace’s quirkiness and great comedic timing make the show. And lucky for me, he’s gorgeous.

Amy Cohen

Scarsdale, N.Y.


Your Passages column tribute to Reggie White was very nice, but you forgot to mention that he also had a fantastic career with the Green Bay Packers. Those of us in Wisconsin will never forget No. 92.

Liz Radloff

Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.

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