May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

Your story was fantastic. Thanks for bringing to light Pope John Paul II’s incredible character. He was amazing. And like the rest of the world, I will miss him deeply.

Eileen Frank
Aurora, III.

As a young Polish woman living in New York City, I have always been honored to call the Pope one of my own. He was a man of such greatness, love and dignity, and he radiated goodness unto all the lives he touched. We’re all better people because of him.

Paulina Balaban
Forest Hills, N.Y.

I’m so glad I had the chance to kiss the Pope’s hands when he visited Guam. I never experienced anything so phenomenal in my whole life. My family and I were so blessed. Pope John Paul II will be forever in our hearts and prayers.

Vanessa D. Balingit
Ladera Ranch, Calif.

As a theologian and lifelong Catholic committed to the vision of Vatican II, I find it troubling that this Pope demanded unquestioning obedience as the only sign of faithfulness. Although he traveled widely and was a great figure on the world stage, history will have to judge his negative impact on the Catholic Church.

Marie Conn
Hatboro, Pa.

Why should we mourn the loss of a man who allowed the sexual abuse of young boys by priests?

Jerilynn T. Grigsby
Richmond, Va.

The Pope is a saint. He loved God with his whole heart, mind and soul. And he loved all humans as himself, regardless of creed, sex or race.

Dan I. Amosin
Covina, Calif.

What a horrible and selfish man Michael Schiavo is. Although he legally had the right to make all decisions for his wife, Terri, her family is still her family, and they should have been in the room when she died. Michael didn’t put Terri first. Michael put Michael first. That’s not love in my book.

Nancy R. D’Andrea
Palatine, Ill.

I’m happy for Prince Charles and Camilla. Hey, she’s kind, makes him happy and is comfortable to be with—all things Princess Diana was not.

Loretta Parkin
via e-mail

Charles and Camilla aren’t living one of the great loves stories of all time. Their affair covered 30 years of adultery and deceit. This couple always took what they wanted without considering who was hurt in the process.

Julia Stapp
Palm Desert, Calif.

Jane Fonda’s book My Life So Far will not erase the pain she caused many American Vietnam veterans. To this day, photos of her face adorn the urinals in VFW, American Legion and military base latrines.

Bradley Stavinoha
Needville, Texas

In response to your story about the “Desperate Housewives” Vanity Fair photo shoot, it’s time for another murder on Wisteria Lane. Get rid of troublemaker Marcia Cross and put someone in her place who appreciates a great job on a hit show with such wonderful women.

Shelly Sinclair
Albion, Mich.

You’ve got to hand it to Suzy Welch, who waited long enough to marry crusty ol’ Jack. I’m not up on Evangelical Christian principles, but I’m sure they don’t include going after other women’s husbands.

Harriet Bentrud
Avon, Ind.

Did Luca the Lab go insane and attack Mary-Kate Olsen? Does that explain her ripped stockings and disheveled appearance? What possesses this affluent woman to dress as though she hasn’t bathed or washed her clothes in weeks? Obviously she’s overdrawn her clothing allowance to pay for Luca’s dog spa and hotel stay. Bet he smells better too.

Lori Kois
Huntington, N.Y.

Thank you, PEOPLE, for your beautiful homage and entire cover devoted to Pope John Paul II. I can’t think of anyone who deserves more recognition than this great man.

Nadine Pilote
Montreal, Que.

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