March 28, 2005 12:00 PM


Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are in love and don’t care what others think. Privacy is precious to them. He loves sharing his talents with the world as long as it respects his space. I’m glad she’s finding her space as well.

Maria Gutierrez

Miami, Fla.

I was thrown off guard by Jennifer’s comment about a future pregnancy: “One healthy baby would be enough for me.” We’d all like a healthy one, but we take what’s given to us. Please think long and hard, Jennifer, before you get pregnant—and about what you’d do if your baby is not a healthy one.

Karen LeValley

Bryantown, Md.

Maybe Jennifer will finally be blessed with the child she so desperately wants when she stops using skinned animals to decorate her fur-riddled clothing line, Sweetface. Jennifer maybe beautiful, but she becomes truly ugly in her bloody quest for vanity.

Jena Torres

San Jose, Calif.

When J.Lo secretly married and refused to be interviewed, she appeared to learn a lesson from her Bennifer overexposure. Now she’s emerging from the private life she so desires to splash herself on PEOPLE’S cover. She’s such a sell-out to herself by using her fans and the media at her whim.

Lynn Dates

Marietta, Ga.


It’s unfathomable to me how you could publish the story “Scott’s Sister Speaks.” Anne Bird is clearly trying to make a buck on the tragedy of Laci Peterson’s murder. Perhaps, had Bird published her book sooner, she could have saved the state of California a fortune on trial costs!

Melisa Penta

Chalfont, Pa.

Good grief! First a book from Scott’s fling Amber Frey. Now a book by his half sister? Who’s next? The family dog? The guy was convicted. Enough already. Let’s move on and give Laci’s parents the peace they deserve to grieve the loss of their child.

Mary Gimenez Caulder

San Pedro, Calif.

So Scott’s mother, Jackie, wanted him to meet someone like Anne’s babysitter? Did Jackie understand that her daughter-in-law Laci was missing? And to top it off, Scott thinks he’ll get out of prison despite getting a death sentence? Obviously they’re two of the most clueless people in the world. I guess it’s true that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Ryoichi Morita

Coarsegold, Calif.


Sandra Dee was a top box office draw and demands more than a one-page tribute in PEOPLE magazine. As strange as it sounds, she fostered an interest in reading for me. As soon as I saw Gidget, I borrowed the book from the library. I’m sure Sandra and Troy Donahue, who played Molly and Johnny in A Summer Place, are having quite a reunion in heaven.

Carol A. Henicle

Waynesboro, Pa.


Thanks for your update on Carnie Wilson. I’m glad “Mother Nurture” stressed how important it is to finish losing weight after gastric bypass surgery before getting pregnant. Although gaining weight would drive me nuts after the sacrifices of postsurgery, kudos to Carnie for understanding it’s about the baby, not her waistline.

Pia Yoacham

Germantown, Md.


How sad I was to read your story about Hunter S. Thompson. Do you think ending the article with the words “he died with dignity” is responsible journalism? Putting a bullet in your head doesn’t qualify as a dignified death. Shame on you for putting a positive spin on a devastating problem.

Kelly Linton

Waukesha, Wis.

So Jennifer Lopez wants a baby? Considering her dismal marital track record, she should just stick to being a stepmom.

Susan Campbell

Los Angeles, Calif.

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