August 30, 2004 12:00 PM

Cheers to Kirstie Alley! Toss the salad, ladies, and take a real bite out of life. You can still be healthy and feel good about yourself if you stop obsessing about the number.

Laura Cichon

Bolingbrook, III.


I just read your cover story on Kirstie Alley. What a great outlook she has on life. She’s doing what she wants, not what everyone wants her to do. Not everyone can be a skinny bitch.

Nadine Molyneux

Forksville, Pa.

Thank you, Kirstie, for telling the truth. Scores of us have been Dr. Phil-ed and Oprah-ed to our inner beings and found out that, yes, we really do love our lives, and, yes, we are fat.

Jean Renfro Anspaugh

Fairfax, Va.

For years I’ve considered Kirstie to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Now I find her at 203 lbs. to be even more radiant. There’s nothing more compelling than a woman confident in her own skin.

Jennifer Leggio

Sunnyvale, Calif.

Kirstie is not only a big, beautiful star, she’s a goddess. She need not make any apology for her lusty appetite and curvy figure. It’s part of her appeal to an audience who delights in identifying with a woman who wears her passion as successfully as she does.

Marsha Coupé

Montclair, N.J.

While I applaud Kirstie for focusing on being a good mom to her children and not on trying to be beautiful by Hollywood standards, I think it’s important to point out that being a good mother includes teaching your children how to make healthy choices when it comes to diet and exercise.

Cheryl L. Ashbaugh

South Bend, Ind.

I’m very disappointed with Kirstie. I understand her current lack of focus managing her weight. But why would someone who wants to be “the best mother” choose to smoke?

Mary Felando

Los Angeles, Calif.

Kirstie looks amazing on your cover. I’m happy she isn’t obsessed with being thin and that raising her children is her top priority. And I can’t believe she’s 53.

Cyndee DiBernardo

East Syracuse, N.Y.

Kirstie has always been a class act in my book, and her honesty only adds to my opinion of her. It takes a lot of guts and honesty to admit you’re fat because of your own doing. You’re far more beautiful than you think, Kirstie, and your fans don’t care about your size. I’ll be watching your new TV show, Fat Actress, religiously.

Becky Zahnley

Katy, Texas


Thanks for your Andrea Yates update article, “Her Private Hell.” It haunts me that this woman, who has been called grossly psychotic, sits in a prison cell instead of a hospital receiving therapy. She was a loving mother with delusions and drowned her children in order to save them. What mother doesn’t want to save her children? My heart also goes out to her husband, Rusty. I hope he finds the strength he needs to move forward in his own life.

Heather Gaston

Ball Ground, Ga.

The deaths of those children are as much Rusty’s fault as Andrea’s. Now he wants a divorce and more kids? His libido and ego should be registered as deadly weapons in all 50 states.

Tracey Willis

Smyrna, Ga.


I’m completely appalled that swimmer Tammy Crow is allowed to not only compete in the Olympics but have the opportunity to get possible endorsements. Because of her negligence in a fatal car crash, two families are grieving. Where is the justice for those families?

Tara Carpenter

Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

Everyone is being too hard on Tammy. I don’t think blaming her is the answer. She didn’t intentionally harm anyone. Everyone needs to quit passing judgment on this poor girl and take the accident for what it was—an accident.

Veronica Gipson

Princeton, Minn.


Thanks for the sweet story on Gavin DeGraw. I’m 47 and a mom. My husband and my 18-year-old daughter also enjoy his music, although she thinks my crush on Gavin is a little dorky.

Peggy Schaefer

Ellicott City, Md.

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