August 09, 2004 12:00 PM


Good luck to Tori Spelling and Charlie Shanian, and may they have many happy, healthy years together.

Michelle Arsego

Old Saybrook, Conn.

Tori doesn’t like her smile? Someone should tell her how beautiful she is when she’s happy. Let’s hope Tori’s and Charlie’s love for each other can carry them over all the bumps that come with any marriage.

Jazmine Lawrence

via e-mail

I obviously forgot to read the business section of my local newspaper on the day Aaron Spelling became the new owner and editor of PEOPLE. How else did his daughter Tori wind up as the main cover story the same week Marlon Brando died?

John Luciano

West Hollywood, Calif.

I really enjoyed your “Just Married!” cover story. Tori Spelling looks amazing and her husband, Charlie Shanian, is handsome. Congratulations to all the celebs who said “I do.”

Ebony Johnson

Tallahassee, Fla.


Thank you for your incredible tribute to Marlon Brando. I’m only 23, but film, writing and acting are part of my interests in life. I’ve seen most of Mr. Brando’s movies, and he was just mesmerizing. I wish I could have met him to thank him for inspiring me and so many others. No matter what the part, Brando gave his all. So wherever you may be, Mr. Brando, stay wild and free.

Janel Spiegel

Reading, Pa.

There will never, ever be another Brando. He was one of a kind. Rest in peace, Don Corleone.

Genine Boggiano

South Berwick, Maine


I just read “Against All Odds,” your follow-up article on Courtney Jackson. As the parent of a preemie (my son Michael was also featured in your magazine), I found the story of Courtney and her family incredibly moving and inspiring. I’m also pleased to see that prematurity has once again been brought to the attention of your readers.

There are so many babies born both prematurely and severely prematurely in the United States and all over the world every year. I’m happy to say the research and treatment of these little miracles continues. There have been many advances made since my son was born eight years ago. As long as publications like yours continue to bring attention to this issue, the research will continue. I thank you for that.

I would like to say to the Jackson family that I applaud their courage. I looked at the photo of them standing over their tiny daughter in the Isolette and it brought back a flood of memories—memories that I share with Jennifer and Chris. I want them to know that my son Michael is doing incredibly well. Like Courtney, he has had many bouts of respiratory illnesses and a suppressed immune system. But now he seems to have grown out of all that. He’s a vivacious, bright boy about to turn 9 years old.

My thoughts are with sweet Courtney as she continues her most extraordinary journey through life. With a smile like that, she can’t lose!

Melissa Gilbert

President, Screen Actors Guild

Los Angeles, Calif.


What Bill Cosby said in “Cosby Cries Foul” about parents not parenting their kids today is reflected in all walks of society, regardless of race or income level. I’m shocked by the lack of parental rules, discipline, respect and manners. The results speak for themselves. Today’s youth has a selfish who-cares attitude and little sense of responsibility. I thank Mr. Cosby for speaking out. Now, as parents, it’s our turn to do our job raising good kids.

Marnee Rogerson

Pawcatuck, Conn.


Laura Armstrong, who was featured in “Messages of Hope,” is herself a true angel. I have recently been through chemotherapy treatments and lots of trying times due to breast cancer, and my two ChemoAngels were godsends. Laura, keep up the good work and thanks for this great organization.

Linda Peloski

New Haven, Conn.

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