August 02, 2004 12:00 PM


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are a great couple. PEOPLE made them seem more in love and serious than most give them credit for.

Eliza Beckham via e-mail

Spears says her fiancé is a prince? If that’s the case, I think I’ll stick with frogs. The last time I checked, a prince doesn’t leave the pregnant mother who’s expecting his second child because something blonde and rich comes along.

Lisa Wimmer

Whitewater, Wis.

Kudos to a nice, family-minded young girl who hasn’t let stardom change the way she lives her life. I hope this new man inspires some happy videos and puts someone with the initials J.T. far out of Britney’s life and mind.

Miranda Sands

Brookings, Ore.

Britney is finally happy? Hooray! She’s excited! She’s so happy to wake up in the morning, look at her ring and think, “Very cool.” Wise up, Kevin. You’re the one she should find “very cool” in the morning, evening and all day long. That remark was a five-carat slap in the face!

Rosemary Bonacci

Whitesboro, N.Y.

Has Britney lost her mind? This will be just another divorce for the Hollywood books. Britney, do yourself a favor and find a respectable man.

Heatherlee Dillard-Hammonds

Macon, Ga.

Although the interview with Britney and Kevin reeked cute cheesiness, she seems happy. Whether it’s a rush of puppy love or true love, it’s her life. Congratulations, Britney, on your engagement.

James Vann Dinh

West Springfield, Mass.

Britney and Kevin sound like middle schoolers at a pajama party rather than a mature couple discussing a lifelong decision.

Holly S. Hill

Woodstock, Ga.

Her mom’s approval of this ridiculous engagement is appalling. Hey, Brit, what do you think…56 hours of marriage this time? Jennifer Reich

Elka Park, N.Y.

Wow! Kevin can cook macaroni and cheese! If Britney married me and shared her money, I’d cook her homemade pastas, pot roast, anything…if it’s all about the money, that is!

Nate Mullins

Mesa, Ariz.


Thank you for the story “One Soldier’s War,” by Army Sgt. and weblogger Levi Lohnes in Iraq. It showed so many different aspects of this conflict. I’m grateful for all the love and prayers I’ve received during and after my captivity, but this story shows that there are still soldiers doing a great job.

SPC Shoshana Johnson,

U.S. Army, Retired

El Paso, Texas


When I read “Is This Woman a Threat to the American Worker?”, about the outsourcing of American jobs, I was moved to write PEOPLE for tackling an issue rarely discussed. I work for a company that uses the threat of unemployment to corral its workers into being appreciative of demotions, reduced benefits and pay cuts. I’m looking for another job after my department was dispersed. I saw all that I worked for during the last five years go up in a puff of smoke to the refrain of “at least you still have a job.” Yes, but for how long?

Phoebe Eichinger

Peyton, Colo.

I fail to see the controversy about job outsourcing. American workers who want to blame and bash industry for the exportation of jobs really need to look no further than the closest mirror. As consumers we demand deals, discounts and the almighty sale, and then when corporations reduce their costs to give us the best prices, we complain about their tactics.

Kacey Wells

Nashville, Tenn.


I beg to differ with your feature “Danger in the Backyard.” The animals aren’t coming out of the woods into our yards. We’re building our homes in their backyards and continue to build right into these animals’ natural habitats. We’re the intruders here, not the animals.

Sue Danner

Spring, Texas

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