December 06, 2004 12:00 PM


It was with sorrow and recognition that I read your cover story on the tragic killing of Beth Lochtefeld. Unfortunately, such abuse and murder can and does happen to women who are strong and bright. Handsome, successful preppy stockbrokers can be as violent as their less educated and lower income fellows.

Susan Weitzman

via e-mail

This story evoked such sadness in my heart. Imagine my surprise to see one of my former elementary-school classmates, Tom Toolan, featured on your cover as a murder suspect. It’s appalling to see such a successful and attractive man caught up in such a horrific tragedy. I can’t fathom the heartache and pain these two families will endure. My deepest sympathies for Ms. Lochtefeld and to her family during this time of incredible grief.

Adrienne Quinn

Monroe, N.Y.

The really scary thing about Lochtefeld and Toolan was that she was introduced to him through a mutual friend and that she felt safe.

Laura Luther

Clarksburg, Md.

Once again, it was horrifying to read about another woman allegedly murdered by a former boyfriend. Beth Lochtefeld did everything right by ending this relationship. Hopefully justice will be served.

Lisa Scott

Baltimore, Md.


I’m feeling great about most of the human race after reading the stories featured in “Land of the Brave,” showing people behaving in good, courageous ways. With all the cynicism and ugliness of our world, and especially after the recent political warfare, it was good to read about individuals doing just darn great things for their fellow human beings.

Sylvia Spear

Altus, Okla.

We need more teens like Roy Madril Jr. and Chris Martinez who helped foil a kidnapping carjacker. Underneath those big shirts and ultra-baggy jeans beat the hearts of true heroes. The future is bright.

B.J. Ervin

Tucson, Ariz.


I was more than a bit disturbed reading your article “The Winner’s Circle,” about Tom Coburn who was recently elected to the U.S. Senate from Oklahoma. His advocacy of the death penalty for any physician who performs an abortion is outrageous. Since he’s a physician himself, one can only wonder how Coburn can blatantly disregard the principle of the Hippocratic Oath he took: “Above all, do no harm.”

Sheri Pearl-Jacobvitz

Oakland, Calif.

If Barack Obama, the newly elected Illinois senator, is black because his father was black, is he not therefore a Kenyan because his father was Kenyan? Why not drop the labels?

Marie MacKay

North Vancouver, B.C.

In effect, Obama is biracial and should be identified as such, which would not only describe his ethnicity but give a lot more credit to his white mother and her parents who raised him.

E.G. Yrizarry

Grovetown, Ga.

Middle America must remind Hollywood that we can discern who we want for President without their input. Go back to entertaining and remember we can think for ourselves.

Susan Monahan

Clio, Mich.


Hubba, hubba! Thanks for your awesome bit on Boston Red Sox center-fielder Johnny Damon. Clearly, I’ll expect to see him gracing the cover of your next Most Beautiful People issue. Damon and the rest of the Sox have made us wicked proud!

Janice Melcher Reny

Buxton, Maine


Regarding your Rod Stewart article “Every Picture Tells a Story”: Whether Rod is in spandex or a tux, he was, is and always will be the sexiest man alive. Keep singing to me, Rod!

Lette Magrini

Oakland, N.J.


Thank you for portraying a better picture of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey‘s marriage in “We Are Absolutely Not Breaking Up.” They look like they’re still in love. People should stop being jealous of a marriage most wish they had!

Irene Philips

Bayside, N.Y.

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