July 12, 2004 12:00 PM


I found this week’s PEOPLE very fitting. Ronald Reagan lived his life like all should, with smiles and humor.

Julia Witherington

Piano, Texas

Thanks for your touching feature about the former President. I believe Reagan was an honest, decent, kind and unpretentious gentleman, which is rare for a politician!

Linda DeCredico

Bainbridge Township, Ohio

I was only 17 when Reagan was elected President, but reading about him and also watching his funeral service on television made me realize how special Nancy and Ronnie’s relationship was. She’s a real gem, and my heart goes out to her and the family.

Lori Newcomer

Waynesboro, Pa.

Although Reagan’s politics were against everything I believe in, I have to thank his daughter Patti for giving us beautiful insight into a very private moment in their lives in her article “Waiting…and the End.” This wasn’t a story about a politician, but a love story that will last for eternity.

Michelle Slife

Sidney, Ohio

What a fantastic picture of Reagan on your cover. However, it’s a shame you ruined it with the banner about Jennifer Lopez getting married. She and her latest husband could learn a thing or two about commitment from the late President and Mrs. Reagan.

Amy Patterson

Rochester, N.Y.


J.Lo is in love with weddings! She certainly doesn’t know what a marriage commitment is. And Marc Anthony, good grief! It will be a miracle if they make it a year. Forget forever.

Kathy McConnell

Omaha, Neb.


I would like to thank all those who have sent their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Mattie and me across the years. His life was a special gift, and he lived his dream to be a poet, a peacemaker and a philosopher who played. The Muscular Dystrophy Association of America has set up a special fund in Mattie’s memory. Donations will be used to further research into childhood neuromuscular diseases and fund the MDA Summer Camp program that Mattie loved so much. The address for the fund is: MDA Mattie Fund, P.O. Box 66002, Tucson, AZ 85728.

Jeni Stepanek

Rockville, Md.


I thought I was over it, but clearly I’m not. After reading “Taken for a Ride,” about movers who hijack your stuff until you pay up, I still feel violated. My husband and I moved from Chicago to Boston. When it was time to have our belongings delivered, it was $3,000 more than the original quote. We had no choice but to pay. I’m glad this story made it to your pages and will create awareness.

Carol Pogue

Boston, Mass.

What a shame that PEOPLE lumped Mayflower with fly-by-night movers. Ask hundreds of thousands of happy customers—they’ll tell you we’re different. Bad movers destroy trust. And trust is everything to us. That’s why we strongly support MoveRescue (moverescue.com), which aids victims of rogue movers. As you know, anyone can file a lawsuit in America. While we fight this case in court, we will continue to deliver world-class customer service. Try us. If you have a problem, call me. I’m the CEO. My telephone number is 636-349-2560. Richard McClure, CEO

Mayflower Transit, LLC

Fenton, Mo.

PEOPLE outdid itself with this farewell to Ronald Reagan. Your tribute to him was comprehensive and extraordinary. Not only was Reagan an effective President, but a wonderful man.

Susan Lenihan

Northbrook, Ill.

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