July 05, 2004 12:00 PM


Congratulations, and get ready for a wild ride, Julia. I had twins at 33. They’re my pride and joy. Having children when you’re older is getting your childhood back all over again.

Andrea Quinn

Auburn, Calif.

I’ve always enjoyed the success of Ms. Roberts and am particularly proud she’s from my home state of Georgia. But it seems Georgia is not on her mind. I agree with her decision to have her babies wherever, but please stop making your home state out to be the last place you’d want to be from and have your babies born there. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m from the great state of Georgia.

Carol Johnson

Augusta, Ga.

I love Julia and your magazine. But if I promise to keep reading PEOPLE, may we please be spared every detail about her pregnancy? I don’t want updates on stretch marks, morning sickness or weight gain. As a fan, I want to relax and know that Julia is enjoying some measure of privacy as she travels toward her greatest role.

Sherida-Jayne E. Glover

Bridgeville, Pa.

I get these happy chills every time I hear about Julia Roberts and Danny Moder expecting twins. She’s a wonderful actress and I’m sure will make a wonderful mommy too!

Lori Young

Bowmanville, Ont.


When I took my PEOPLE out of the mailbox I groaned out loud at your “Getting Serious” story about J.Lo’s wedding plans. I’m a big fan of hers, but enough is enough. She makes big bucks as an entertainer, but Jennifer could fill the marriage void by moonlighting as a marriage planner for others. She played a good one in her movie, and it would save us all the pain.

Angie Scott

Manteca, Calif.

J.Lo’s got to be the neediest star in Hollywood. At the rate she’s going, she’ll far surpass Elizabeth Taylor in the greatest-number-of-husbands department.

Adrianne S. Lucke

Clinton, Miss.

It seems to me that Jennifer doesn’t need a new husband but a psychiatrist. Poor girl needs serious help.

Tobey A. Graham

Hampton, Va.

Neither Jennifer nor Marc Anthony know anything about commitment. I just wonder if they can find time to fit his kids into their self-centered lives.

Patricia Duffy

Evergreen Park, III.

You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Marc and Jennifer are strong in Catholic faith? Were they not paying attention to the part that said “till death do you part”? I know my strong Catholic faith forbids me to keep marrying someone new whenever I feel like it.

Kathy Perez

Kanehoe, Hawaii

Speaking as a Latina, there are many in our community, myself included, who are ashamed to consider Jennifer and Marc as members. They in no way resemble what we consider successful. Money isn’t everything. Respect and happiness don’t cost a thing!

Adriana Norero

Riverside, Calif.


Thanks to Dr. Michael Holick’s ludicrous statement about safe sun in “A Burning Question,” I, as a melanoma survivor, will work even harder as founder of http://www.ShadeFoundation.org with my husband and Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to educate youth about the need to protect themselves from the sun. Now that Dr. Holick has received his 15 minutes of fame, the number of teens developing melanoma will continue to grow. For his next book I’m sure I can provide letters from parents whose children have passed away from skin cancer, proving there is no such thing as safe sun.

Shonda Schilling

Medfield, Mass.


Your feature “Justice for Laci?” made me sick. Scott Peterson and his family have been unremorseful and cavalier throughout this entire ordeal. Scott’s father questions, “How could the case have gotten this far?” Doesn’t he find his son’s behavior just a bit out of the ordinary? Hopefully the jury will be able to see through this nonsense to find justice for Laci.

Becky Muller San

Francisco, Calif.

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