June 21, 2004 12:00 PM


Congratulations to all the new mothers and the new babies. I sincerely hope that they can raise their children in a normal way, not in front of the camera.

Nathan Wright

Cleveland, Ohio

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s daughter is named Apple? If celebrities are going to be allowed to have kids, they should not be able to name them.

Ric Burnett

Doraville, Ga.

Since I have tons of free time—what with a 2-year-old and two new little ones—I thought I’d write to correct some things you recently reported about me. First, I did not have a C-section; delivering my twins without one is something about which I am rather immodestly proud. Also, your comment that the babies came early, “partly because of [my] age,” was news to me and my OB. Twins just tend to do that, whether the mother is 18 or 48. Finally, the boys did not need to be incubated for two weeks; they are healthy and home with us, which I like to jokingly credit to my extreme youth.

Geena Davis

Los Angeles, Calif.

So Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter after a fruit? Do I hear any takers for Kiwi, Cantaloupe or Banana?

Peggy Nicholls,

Mechanicsville, Va.


As disturbing as the images of mistreated Iraqi prisoners are, I find it equally disquieting that Lynndie England and others accused have further dishonored the proud tradition of the Military Police by using the “I was just following orders” defense made famous by Nazi war criminals. I was trained as an MP when Ms. England was in diapers, and I can vividly recall the class on our duty to obey lawful orders, our duty to disobey unlawful orders and how to tell the difference.

Robert E. Smith

Watertown, Mass.

What a disgrace to women, the U.S. Army and America. If she thinks she’s suffered enough, Lynndie England is either ignorant or just plain stupid.

Judy Lee

Lilburn, Ga.


I’m happy to see that gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry one another. Those opposed to such unions should be standing outside the chapels in Las Vegas and denouncing the unions of those who show no regard for long-term, committed relationships. As a heterosexual, I’m much more appalled by the likes of Britney Spears and Billy Bob Thornton (to name a few) who make a mockery of matrimony, not those same-sex couples who have waited years to legally walk down the aisle.

Joelle Clapham

Arvada, Colo.


Shame on Lindsay Lohan for saying people who think she’s gotten breast implants are “retarded.” That is very hurtful to people with disabilities. Too bad her sensitivity hasn’t grown as fast as her breasts.

Stephanie Selensky

Fargo, N.Dak.


If twins Barbara and Jenna Bush want to pitch in on their dad’s campaign, their best move would be to enlist in the armed forces and volunteer for the front lines in Iraq. Such a move would win my vote for Bush. As a yellow-dog Democrat and woman with great common sense (and only an occasional lapse into redundancy), I figure it’s a safe bet they won’t.

Patty Friedmann

New Orleans, La.


It seems to me that PEOPLE should have given Tony Randall the acknowledgment he deserved and given him a full cover photo. He entertained people for years with his great acting and he was a true gentleman.

Bobbie Hansen

Sunnyvale, Calif.


I can’t believe the letter I’ve just read. Either Suzanne Brewer didn’t read the article on Pat Tillman, doesn’t know that he gave up a lucrative football contract and all the luxuries that go with it, and chose to fight for our country, or she’s just a cold, heartless individual. I feel she’s missed the whole point: Tillman served our country out of a personal sense of duty and selflessness. It is for this reason that a little-known football player garnered “all this attention and glory.”

Robin Esguerra Johnson

Danville, Calif.

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