May 24, 2004 12:00 PM


Thanks for your story on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They’ve already proved themselves to be very successful and intelligent young women who are making the right choices. They, along with their family and friends, should be extremely proud.

Raven Rant

via e-mail

The fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley have such a nonchalant attitude toward being role models for parents and young fans is daunting. Do they need to be reminded who helped them become multimillionaires?

Cher Farbe

Tri-Cities, Wash.

Fabulous article on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! These girls are real teens. They don’t come across as money-dropping, private-parts-flashing, club-hopping billionaire fashionistas.

Melissa Schain

Camarillo, Calif.


I had a tough time getting through your article “Intolerable Cruelty,” about the brutal death of the Yorkie in Nashville. It brought tears to my eyes. Chad David Crawford, who allegedly drop-kicked the dog, Gizmo, like a football, deserves a severe punishment. Gizmo’s owners shouldn’t have to prove that he “was property worth at least $500.” Pets are family members and are irreplaceable!

Lora Rayner

Edison, N.J.

It’s beyond me how sick certain individuals can be. But I was even more outraged that the sick fool who allegedly hurt Gizmo may be charged with felony vandalism. When did we start putting a price on a pet to convict someone to the fullest extent of the law? My heart goes out to Jelani Lewis and Jessica McKenzie.

Mary Koenig

Covina, Calif.


I admire Omarosa Manigault-Stall-worth for rising” above her childhood, overcoming her disabilities and personal tragedies and achieving an impressive academic background. She could have been considered a role model to young people, but it’s too bad all people will remember her for is her immature behavior on The Apprentice.

Monica Bernstein

Merrick, N.Y.

Enough of Omarosa! Her 15 minutes of fame should have been up 14 minutes ago. She has proven to be lazy, arrogant, egotistical and a legend in her own mind. From where I sat, she didn’t do anything…right, that is.

Ann Marie Butler

Queensbury, N.Y.


The best safety control on an ATV is parental control. You can put all the warnings in the world on the machine, and the salespeople can talk until they’re blue. Your article “Danger on Four Wheels” featured kids, but where were the parents? Don’t tell me, “Close by.” Quite obviously, not close enough.

Lee Blackwelder

Toledo, Ohio

Thank you so much for your story about ATVs. My 7-year-old son wants one, but I’ve always been too scared. Your story made up my mind, and I bet a lot of other parents’ minds as well.

Jessica Helms

via e-mail


I was disappointed by the inaccuracies and omissions in your “Unsolved Mysteries” feature from your 30th-Anniversary issue. While I rarely respond to the myriad of old, inaccurate press reports on this subject, something in the notion of “30 Years” made me think about the next 30 years, and I was compelled to write.

Your readers might be surprised to learn that I did respond to your sardonic question regarding the “mystery” of the blue dress. Rather than print my response, you chose to omit it. I never bragged that I would never clean that dress. To the contrary, in surreptitious tape recordings made by Linda Tripp, and later introduced as evidence to the grand jury, I can be heard telling Tripp that I planned to clean and wear the dress for Thanksgiving. I swore under oath to the same sentiment.

Furthermore, if you want to attribute a single cause to what “brought a President to impeachment,” I believe it was the gap in politics, not the Gap dress.

Monica Lewinsky

New York, N.Y.

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