By People Staff
August 04, 2003 12:00 PM
  • Blonde Ambition
  • Loved your cover on Reese Witherspoon. She is every bit as adorable, smart and down-to-earth as her image projects. And describing herself as very uncool in itself makes her cool indeed. The world is her oyster, and I’m happy for her success.
  • Elizabeth Hunter, TIBURON, CALIF.

Reese is truly loved by everyone! In fact, every time my 10-month-old daughter Ella saw the magazine lying around, she immediately crawled over to pick it up and give kisses to Reese.

Krish Rescigno, COLUMBIA, S.C.

Gosh, what was my mother thinking? According to your article, “you still can’t take the Nashville out of the girl: Witherspoon is a big believer in thank-you notes.” And here I was, raised in Illinois and learning that writing a thank-you note was common courtesy. How totally absurd to justify good manners with your locale.

Suzanne Boner, ODESSA, FLA.

  • Somehow I don’t think Reese Witherspoon would have minded waiting a week for the cover in deference to Katharine Hepburn.
  • Andrea Lehrer, PASADENA, CALIF.

Leading Lady’s Legacy

While PEPOLE continues to extol the attributes of actresses who still look good at age 40 as if this is some kind of miracle, Katharine Hepburn was a marvelous example to all women of the grace, dignity and self-worth we can maintain throughout the aging process. Her story shows us there is life for every woman after 40, after 60, after 90!

Anita Ring-Saito, SCOTTSBLUFF, NEB.

I had a special reason for feeling the loss of Katharine Hepburn. I played her 9-year-old daughter in the 1936 film A Woman Rebels. When I visited her backstage in 1976, when she was appearing in A Matter of Gravity, she seemed so relieved to hear that her “little girl” had a happy life.

Marilyn Knowlden Busnardo


My only consolation is knowing that when Katharine closed her eyes for the final time, she opened them again wrapped in Spencer Tracy’s arms.

Barbara Harris, CASTLE ROCK, COLO

How awful that Spencer Tracy’s family had to endure 27 years of hell while wonderful Kate helped destroy this family. I don’t see her as a role model but just a sad, bitter and selfish woman.

Lisa Underwood, ANNAPOLIS, MD.

Altered State

PEOPLE magazine: $3.29. Kathy Griffin’s plastic surgery makeover: $40,900. Her hilarious sense of humor: Priceless.

Lynette Carrington, MESA, ARIZ.

When Kathy Griffin claimed that her arms were “total carpool-mom arms,” she showed her disrespectful “I am a celebrity; therefore I’m better than you” attitude. We “carpool moms” not only work harder, but we also have greater self-esteem.

Ellen Donnellan, HILLSBOROUGH, N.J.

Meet the Parent

Thanks for the heartwarming story about the meeting between a woman and her sperm-donor father. The man should be commended for his positive response to his daughter’s request to meet him. She took the brave first step and was rewarded. If more fathers recognized the gift they’ve given, this world would be a greater place.

Alison Fraser, WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.

Healthy Conscience

After reading your article about Woosik Chung and his choice of career as a hand surgeon due to his injuries as a child, I thought of my daughter Melissa, who was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. After working as a pediatric nurse with those who have cancer, she is taking her career one step further and is studying to become a nurse practitioner to treat children with cancer. These two people have chosen to give the gift of life to others as a way of being given the chance to live.

Pamela A. Scherer, ROSAMOND, CALIF.