July 21, 2003 12:00 PM

And the Winner Is…

I couldn’t be happier to see your story about Ashton Kutcher. He wins my vote. He’s well-educated, well-grounded and a hot actor. Thank you so much for putting him on your cover. I love to just stare at it.

Caroline Jensen, CUPERTINO, CALIF.

Ashton Kutcher is a good-looking guy who is riding high right now because of Demi Moore. Prince William, on the other hand, has a beauty that is timeless, not only for his physical features but for his integrity, generosity and poise as well. He’s in a category of his own.


I stood at the grocery store checkout and saw Ashton on your cover. I sighed and figured I’d have to give my home subscription copy to my 13-year-old neighbor. How my day changed when my mail came. I was elated and couldn’t stop smiling at Prince William on my cover. Even if he were not to be the future King of England, he takes the cake beautifully.

Kathleen Leombruno, FRAMINGHAM, MASS.

I applaud you for your diversity in choosing this year’s hottest bachelors. You proved that no matter what one’s profession—an actor, choreographer, police officer or AIDS researcher—inner beauty is what genuinely matters most.

Camilla Stonecliffe, OREM, UTAH

Prince William or Ashton Kutcher? Are you serious? William will be hot in 10 years when people won’t even remember Ashton’s name.

Doris Williams


I saw that Simon Cowell made the list, but what about Clay Aiken? There are millions of women of all ages who are not only swooning over Clay but embrace his wholesome qualities and moral standards. He is everything a real man should be and more.

Kim Martin, GREENVILLE, S.C.

Thanks a lot, PEOPLE. You had to publish that photo of Ron Young Jr. I almost dropped my bowl of vanilla ice cream when I turned the page. I’m a devoted and adoring Marine wife, but this picture almost made me wish I were single again.

Jessica Lee Jayson, PARKER, COLO.

I’ve read and reread the whole issue, thinking there had to be a mistake. Where was Josh Groban? In the last few years he has taken on the music world and turned it upside down. He has a legion of fans and is helping to introduce some younger people to a genre of music they’ve never heard before and is reminding some of us older people of how wonderful music can be. Maybe you’re saving Josh for your Sexiest Man Alive issue. I’ll be waiting by my mailbox for that magazine to arrive.

Kelly Watts, DAYTON, N.J.

A Gentleman’s Farewell

While working at the original Spa-go years ago on a New Year’s Eve, I had the good fortune to be standing next to Gregory Peck at the stroke of midnight. His wife was across the room, so being the gentleman he was, he turned and kissed me on the cheek and wished me a Happy New Year. That is something I will never forget. He was truly one of a kind, and he will be missed.


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