By People Staff
March 10, 2003 12:00 PM

Columbia’s Crew

Thanks so much for the warm tribute to the Columbia astronauts. The individual profiles made me feel as if I knew each person. Your article about their extraordinary training and friendship made my heart soar.


This morning I looked at your cover and was taken aback. Those men and women had a look in their eyes and an expression on their faces that just exuded pure joy.


They shared a bond—seven people—each from very different backgrounds, each accepting of the other. Perhaps our world can learn from these remarkable people who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Nancy Clarkson, SAN RAMON, CALIF.

As much as my heart was broken at the loss of all these heroes, I hold a special place in mine for Ilan Ramon. As a Jewish American, I felt such pride in seeing the first Israeli astronaut go off into space on that glorious day in January. What a triumph for Jewish people all over the world, especially in Israel during these trying times. May they rest in peace.

Susan Reichstein, HOUSTON, TEXAS

“Brave Hearts” says it all. I only wish my address label was not on the front cover, I’ll have to buy another issue. This is a keeper. Thanks for helping us heal.


Britney Spears and Colin Farrell
When my friends would trash talk Britney Spears, I would defend her saying that Britney seemed pretty-nice, innocently fun and family—oriented-until I saw your article about her and Colin Farrell. In one picture she is holding a cigarette and sporting a shirt with a censored word. I don’t think I’m going to support her anymore because that is pretty dang trashy.

Brittany Harrington, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

Ray Lines

I applaud Ray Lines and his company, CleanFlicks, for making movies more appropriate for families to watch. I think some people in the film industry have lost sight of the negative influence that movies can have on our culture. Combine that with a lax rating system, and I believe Mr. Lines has found himself a niche that is both noble and necessary.

Chuck Yasinski, PALMYRA, PENN.

CleanFlicks doesn’t really have the right to edit movies. That’s what copyright laws are for. If you don’t want to watch a film with violence and nudity, don’t watch it. It’s as easy as that.


Michael Jackson

I watched the Michael Jackson documentary, read your article and feel Michael suffered as a child and does not trust adults. Yet, he “still has tremendous love and compassion for the children of our world. Instead of judging Michael negatively, let’s support him, and in time the world may come to realize what a true gift he is.

Eileen McIntyre, HOPKINTON, MASS.

I thought Michael Jackson was a sick person before, and after reading about him in your magazine, my thoughts were right. Any adult who admits to sleeping in the same bed with children is, in my mind, someone who needs help. This inappropriate behavior should not be glorified but taken seriously.

Michele L. Gregoire, SEEKONK, MASS.

Child Prodigies

Your article about Josh Waitzkin was a fine, well-written story. I also want to thank you for giving chess a good name and encouraging all people, young and old, toward an interest in the game. As a teacher, I see the benefits of chess and encourage my learning-disabled students to play it to improve their thinking and problem-solving skills. Chess is not only exciting but also a wonderful educational tool.

Christopher Seaman, FRAMINGTON, MO.

Picks & Pans

Please make sure when you send Leah Rozen to review a movie that she sits down in the right screening room. After thoroughly enjoying How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and hearing the laughter and positive comments from others in the theater, my husband and I are convinced Ms. Rozen took a wrong turn at the snack bar.