January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

25 Most Intriguing

Every year my husband can be counted on to stuff my Christmas stocking with PEOPLE’s “25 Most Intriguing” issue. While the family is engaged with all their new things, I curl up to read the magazine from cover to cover. Ah, the delights of the holiday season.

Adele Futato, OVIEDO, FLA.

You brought a tear to my eyes when you profiled Pat Tillman. As an Arizona Cardinals fan, I have watched Pat grow to be a top defensive back for the NFL. Now I can watch him become an elite soldier. Pat, I sleep better knowing you are watching out for all of us.

Gina Miller, MESA, ARIZ.

While I was thrilled that you included Nia Vardalos, I was confused by the words “She may not look like America’s sweetheart….” I must have missed the issue telling me that there’s just one kind of beauty.

Tracy Thorpe, CHICAGO, ILL.

With the onset of war, how could you put Saddam Hussein in your magazine? All the other 24 people deserve your time and coverage, but not that horrifying terrorist, dictator and murderer.

Jamie Leibowitz, LAFAYETTE HILL, PA.

Britney Spears intriguing? I don’t think so. She went through what a lot of kids go through every day. Just because she seems to be doing all right doesn’t make her a martyr; it just makes her human.

Kelly Pressler, PITTSBURGH, PA.

Exactly what is it about Chelsea Clinton you find so interesting? Girl discovers makeup? Girl finds boyfriend? There are at least a million young women in America who have done both better.

Karen Lawrence, BRENTWOOD, TENN.

I’m appalled that you would list George W. Bush. He has been wrapping himself in the American flag since the Sept. 11 tragedy to advance his agenda of war. Let’s not forget that unemployment has risen and the number of Americans living in poverty has increased. I suppose, when you consider this, it is intriguing that one man could wreak such havoc in just two years.


Let me get this straight: You do not include Bono, who took a trip to Africa to see what could be done to help the people there, but you do include Julia Roberts because she wed the man of her dreams. How does that make her more intriguing than a person trying to make a difference in the world?

Angela Niles, SPENCER, IOWA


Has everyone forgotten that one of the best musicians ever, Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, passed away last year? I’m extremely unhappy you left him off your list.

Jennifer Foster, SANDUSKY, OHIO

What on earth was John Gotti doing in this section? Don’t confuse Gotti with some tortured hero on TV. He was a coldhearted thug who valued suits more than people.

Mark Ledden, ATLANTA, GA.


I was so happy to see the update on Corey and Millicent Bell and their family. I have marveled at their Wal-Mart commercial. Their act of love and unselfishness is remarkable, and to see the joy on their faces is very inspirational. This is why I read PEOPLE.

Linda Lobb, MEMPHIS, TENN.

How can Halle Berry, Winona Ryder and Sarah Jessica Parker be intriguing? Don’t we already know enough about them?

Casey Wanros, NEWARK, DEL.

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