By People Staff
December 23, 2002 12:00 PM
  • Sexiest Man Alive
  • I was overjoyed to see Ben Affleck as PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He just oozes a genuine boy-next-door charm. Lyndsey French, TORONTO, ONT.

I’m a happily married 30-year-old woman with two children. However, I am not too blinded by my perfect life to appreciate your Sexiest Man Alive. Jennifer, please don’t hurt this gorgeous creature.

Lori Vines, JACKSON, TENN.

  • Ben Affleck the Sexiest Man Alive? If he showed up at my house wearing nothing but jeans, I’d ask him to mow the yard, watch my kids and talk to my husband while I took a nice long bath.
  • Kristie Swoboda, CONROE. TEXAS
  • When I heard that Ben Affleck had been chosen, I started laughing. Surely his association with Jennifer Lopez, and nothing more, won him this prestigious title.
  • Theresa Wellstein, MILWAUKEE, WIS.

Why are you promoting a man who is dating a married woman? I’d like to think that PEOPLE has some morals left.

Karen Laird, ALGONA, WASH.

Be still my heart. I have your sexy picture of John Corbett tacked on the wall in my office. My coworkers say I’m too old for such behavior (I’m 43), but who cares? Every time I look over and see him, it jump-starts my day.

Trixie Arnett, COOPER CITY, FLA.

Way to go for including James Gandolfini. That big lug makes my 46-year-old heart go pitter-patter. He can wear his terry-cloth robe in my bedroom anytime.

Florri Beckley, NORTH POTOMAC, MD.

  • The highlight of your issue was the stunning photo of Jake Gyllenhaal. His sultry looks are just a small part of the package. I predict he’ll be around for a long time.
  • Janice Klein, SUCCASUNNA, N.J.

Thanks so much for Anderson Cooper as one of the year’s sexiest. He makes the news so watchable!

Kimberly Gen, TORONTO, ONT.

Alan Rickman surprisingly sexy? There’s nothing surprising about it. This man exudes class, wit, charm and is incredibly debonair.

Jill Iskiyan, PHOENIX, ARIZ.

I was disappointed that Eminem was left off your list. Record sales prove his status, and as a 25-year-old fan, I say he deserves to be recognized for what he is-an outstanding rapper and actor.

Jaclyn Kramer, ROCKFORD, ILL.

Somewhere between the printers and my mailbox, the page with CSI‘s William Petersen must have gotten lost.

Angela A. Morgan, CHARLOTTE, N.C.

  • How could you not choose Denzel Washington? Not only does this year’s Best Actor Oscar winner have the physical attributes, he is the epitome of class.
  • S. Denise, VIA E-MAIL

Y’all need to get off your rocking chairs, take a hit of smelling salts and visit the optometrist, because you completely missed the boat by not including American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini.


Victoria’s Secret

Good work, PETA. Gisele Bünd-chen is just another person profiting off the backs of defenseless animals. If she intends to hawk such repulsive goods, she will have to deal with the bad publicity that comes with the cash.

Donna Kummer, FAIRHAVEN, MASS.

The Bachelor

Aaron and Helene—finally! The two of you make a lovely couple. You were brought up in homes where love was never in short supply. Take the same path your parents did and you will be just fine.

Phyllis Banks, TAYLORSVILLE, KY.

  • Picks & Pans
  • I was disgusted after reading Ralph Novak’s review of Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors. He compared the drums to a “military funeral” and wrote that Tim’s head is “too big for his cowboy hat.” Let the fans, CD sales and awards-to-come speak for themselves.
  • Dawn Freeland, CLIFTON SPRINGS, N.Y.