December 02, 2002 12:00 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker
What a beautiful and radiant-looking Sarah Jessica Parker on your cover. I wish her and Matthew Broderick only the best in the future with their new son.

Linda Wood, ROCHESTER, VT.

How generous of Silver Cross and Bugaboo to provide a carriage and stroller for the couple’s baby. Wouldn’t it be nice if those companies would give those items to someone who can’t afford them?

Tina Moore, BALTIMORE, MD.

Wow! When I saw Sarah Jessica Parker on your cover, I couldn’t believe how healthy she looked. But a friend predicts she’ll “snap back into shape quickly”? Tell Sarah that she looks better than ever and she should keep a little meat on her bones.

Maggie Bernardi, HARTLAND, MICH.

Just when you concluded all the belly shots, we get hit with the baby photos. Must we watch this infant go through the stages of diapers as we watched his mother expand her maternity outfits?

Mike Patterson, TYLER, TEXAS

While it’s wonderful news that Sarah Jessica Parker has given birth, why is it such a big deal? She’s not the only woman to have had a baby this year.

Lynn Pilarski, BUFFALO, N.Y.

Candace Anderson

I am so ashamed of myself for griping about my normal, everyday aches and pains. My eldest son is profoundly deaf and has been for 18 years. But I am so grateful that he is alive and healthy. I hope that PEOPLE will update its readers when the girls are better.

Shanna Hammond, CHARLOTTE, N.C.

Angela Dawson

What would make a mother so selfish as to put her family in danger in a home where she knew her children were not safe? For what reason? Because she wanted to stand her ground? The drug dealers couldn’t care less. To pass up a chance for her and her family to be safe is stupidity.

Michelle Truelove, KENNETT, MO.

My parents raised six daughters in the Newark housing projects. Because of their love, devotion and protection we were spared becoming victims of the drugs and gangs. Unfortunately, Mrs. Dawson, her husband and children were not, but they will be remembered as a proud family who refused to be intimidated and never gave up.

Doris Scheinhorn-Pagnotta, UNION, N.J.

Richard Harris

I have admired Richard Harris as a performer and adored him as a person for over three decades. I was blessed to have met him on several occasions. While he had a reputation as a hell-raiser, that was but a small part of who he was. With his passing the entertainment industry has lost a star, but the world has lost a brighter light. There will never be another one like Richard Harris.

Linda Papciak, CHICAGO, ILL.

Winona Ryder

Great job on the breakdown of Winona Ryder’s wardrobe, but who cares what she was wearing in court? She should go to prison like any other Joe in this same situation. Money, celebrity and race really speak volumes in our present society. How sad. By the way, I’m wearing a flannel shirt as I write this.

Jason Baldwin, GREENSBORO, N.C.

Picks & Pans

I just read Ralph Novak’s review of Keith Urban‘s CD Golden Road, in which he refers to paintings and prints that Keith sells on the Internet. Keith Urban‘s Web site is, not dot-com. I’m just a fan wanting to clarify this.


Paul Burrell

I was very surprised that Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell stored in his refrigerator and later burned the dress that she died in. Like millions who watched the television clips chronicling the last moments of Princess Diana’s life, I seem to recall that she was wearing a blazer and pants. Is there something the public doesn’t know?

Bobby Pellant, WALTHAM, MASS.

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