By People Staff
October 07, 2002 12:00 PM

Stories of Hope

I woke up Sunday morning, got my coffee and settled in to read my PEOPLE. What a touching tribute to the families and how they are healing. I wished I could write a note to those people and give them comfort. Peace be with all of you.

Sue Mahal, Lombard, III.

Why didn’t you tell me to have a box of tissues with me before I started reading this week’s issue?

Laura Finnigan, Vancouver Island, B.C.

I read your tragic yet uplifting piece about Katy Soulas and her beautiful children. I graduated from high school with Katy and her late husband, Tim. I’ve thought about her often this past year, especially when I was exasperated from raising two children with a husband who travels and works long hours. The way that Katy has managed her grief with grace and fortitude has made me want to be a better person.

Kathy Hibbard Nugent, Alpharetta, Ga.

Thank you for writing about my uncle Michael Flocco. It means so much to our family that his story of healing is being told after losing his only son, Matthew. We are so proud that he defiantly showed that the American spirit will not be broken.

Tina Pupis, Newark, Del.

I was touched and surprised to see a face from the past. I knew Staff Sgt. Jamal Baadani 10 years ago when he was a Marine recruiter. A year after his recruiting duty ended, I joined the Marine Corps and served my country due in part to the shining example he set. Baadani’s patriotism is to be admired. I am proud to have served with a Marine and an American like him. Semper fi!

Rachael Robertson-Wilson, Corinth, Texas

Your tribute to Sept. 11 was excellent, but I was disappointed not to see anything about our men and women overseas. I have sent my husband to Afghanistan not once, but twice. To leave out those on the front line is a disgrace.

Erin A. Nash, Fort Benning, Ga.

I was most inspired by your issue commemorating Sept. 11, but I think one detail was left out. Was there not one child who lost his mother that day?

Jennifer R. West, Charleston, S.C.

You praise Bruce Springsteen for taking America’s latest tragedy and turning it into a career comeback? Why is it a positive act for someone to speak with survivors and surviving spouses and take those interviews and turn them into a moneymaking project? I see that as a lot of chutzpah!

Terry L. Jones, Independence, Kans.

Your intro spoke as if only Americans were affected by Sept. 11. I beg to differ. The entire globe sat stunned as we watched everything we believed in ripped apart. My country will not only mourn the loss of Canadians, we will mourn all 3,031 of the lives lost that day.

Kathie Lee Kumor, Bramalea, Ont.

I’ve shed many tears over the past year, but today I shed tears of joy and hope after reading your beautiful cover story. Through these individuals our nation’s spirit has been rekindled.

Hillary Bessiere, Pleasanton, Calif.

  • Scoop
  • What a hoot! Being in the same age range as Roseanne and also single again, I totally agree with her on sex, dieting and even hoping for an old and wealthy brother of Anna Nicole Smith‘s deceased husband. But having a crush on President Bush and calling him a “babe”? Now I’m worried!
  • Beverly Taliaferro, Concord, Calif.


Jill E. Dugan is questioning Sandra Banning’s Christian values because Ms. Banning had a child out of wedlock? Christian values are about recognizing that none of us is perfect. We believe in forgiveness. Ms. Banning could have had an abortion, but she did not. She chose to have and raise a child. I don’t think there is anything hypocritical about that.

Terri Clouse, Midlothian, Texas


Excuse me, but did I miss something? Are Liza Minnelli and David Gest so busy being fabulous that they failed to realize that most 3-year-olds already have names?

Linda Klein, Pound Ridge, N.Y.