September 23, 2002 12:00 PM

Britney Spears
As a die-hard Britney Spears fan, I think your cover story about her made me like Britney even more as an artist and a human being. I believe that her frank honesty about all the issues she’s dealing with right now has made the public realize that Britney is human too.

Sandee Hubbell, Paso Robles, Calif.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for putting Britney on the cover and do
ing a great article on her. I’m glad PEOPLE helped clear up everything, including her hiatus from recording and performing and her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Yes, she’s only 20, but she’s accomplished so much. She deserves a break.

Kristie Bankes, Mantua, N.J.

Yep, that’s sure a gutsy move for Britney Spears to take time off. Let’s put the word gutsy into perspective, shall we? Gutsy is working two jobs to support your family. Gutsy is battling cancer. Gutsy is a single mom raising three kids. A 20-year-old gazillionaire taking some time off is not gutsy. It’s not even worthy of a note.

Joel Hueston, Delta, B.C.

How ironic that Britney, exhausted by the paparazzi and overwhelmed by her own popularity, should spend her time attempting to stalk Brad Pitt at his home. Every article I read about her convinces me of the same thing—although it is Britney’s turn to talk, she has very little to say.

Brynne Garman, Federal Way, Wash.

Britney should be less vocal about her private affairs since she has an image to uphold. It’s how she earns her paycheck!

Brenda Straus, Wahpeton, N.Dak.

Jessica Hill

Forget about Britney Spears on the cover of your magazine. It should have been Jessica Hill. Her strength and courage to learn to walk with a body that wasn’t born with that natural ability is remarkable. While Britney is sulking with her millions, she’s got nothing on this wonderful little girl who is undertaking a true challenge in life.

Mel Davidson, Herndon, Va.

Amina Lawal

I was shocked and saddened by the article about Amina Lawal. How a woman can be sentenced to be stoned to death in this day and age without more outcry is beyond my comprehension. The story literally brought tears to my eyes. I pray for this woman and her children that something happens to prevent her death. Although Amina says she is not afraid, and that is admirable, something must be done.

Kelly McGillvray, Seattle, Wash.

I wonder if we, the United States, had a high court like the one in Nigeria, would we have so many babies having babies and children being born into unmarried homes?

Trina Karwasinski, Piano, Texas

Princess Diana

It was with exasperation that I looked at the cover of PEOPLE. I thought every single detail of Diana’s life had been thrust under the microscope and examined, but apparently not. I have to wonder if the public is actually still interested in her love life or whether this is something the media is dwelling on. None of the information in the book excerpt is new. It’s all been rehashed, so why on earth is this memoir such a big deal? I say give Diana her peace in death that she did not have in life.

Jennifer Neil, London, Ont.

Leah Henry

I was impressed with all the tips for dealing with kidnappers except for the last one: “If trapped in a trunk, disconnect the tail lights by pulling the wires.” In theory, police should be there to notice the car and pull it over. There is a greater chance, however, of being rear-ended, thereby severely hurting the child who is trapped in the trunk. Please reevaluate this so-called tip.

Judith Weinman, Ashland, Mass.

American Idol
I was appalled at David Dalrymple’s opinion of Kelly Clarkson. She is an absolutely beautiful girl and did not deserve the comment about pulling her shirt down over her tummy. It is no wonder there are so many girls with eating disorders. How about printing a full-length photo of David in your next issue so that we can critique him?

Nora L. McDonnell, Olmsted Falls, Ohio

Style Watch

Could you please tell me where to buy the moisturizing crème Jing Jang?

Gayle Davidson, Boca Raton, Fla.

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