March 18, 2002 12:00 PM

New Life, New Hope

This is absolutely the best issue of PEOPLE ever. Thank you for blessing your readers with the grace, courage and hope shared by these 31 lovely women. They should be at the top of your 50 Most Beautiful list.

Sunny Rowe, Cottage Grove, Ore.

I read the article about those brave, beautiful mothers with tears in my eyes. Hopefully these babies will help their moms be strong for the future.

Rochelle Lask, Virginia Beach, Va.

While feeding my 3-month-old son, Ty, at 3 a.m., I wept while reading your story about these mothers and children. I could not help but kiss my sleeping husband and wonder if I could be so brave.

Melissa Rutland, Hattiesburg, Miss.

As the wife of a firefighter and pregnant with our first child, I could not hold back the tears as I read the stories of these women, their babies and the men they loved and lost on that horrible day. My heart goes out to them all. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute.

Kimberly Hicks, Fuquay-Varina, N.C.

Tears stained the pages of the cover story as I sat reading it on my husband’s 35th birthday. I was moved and awestruck by the courage of each and every one of these women who became widows on Sept. 11. I will be keeping this issue on my nightstand for a long time to come to remind myself during the inevitable strains of marriage that I am lucky and blessed to have my husband, who is the absolute love of my life.

Cindy Donovan, Chino Hills, Calif.

I was overwhelmed with your issue. Initially I felt so much sadness and struggled to open it and read about these courageous ladies. Thank you and thank them for sharing their stories. It just reinforces the strength and courage of the American spirit. These children are so blessed to have these women as their guiding lights throughout their lives.

Annie Laurie I. Meyers, Allentown, Pa.

What a powerful cover. I have 16-month-old twins. We were canceling their first birthday party due to the tragedies, but decided it might be better if we did get family and friends together. Reading this article did to me what I knew it would—it broke me down. It reminded me that Sept. 11 was only five months ago. These women are an inspiration to me. I will never forget the husbands and fathers of their children. Never.

Jody A. Minuto-Steigerwald

Churchville, N.Y.

We as a nation are lavishing attention on the families who have lost loved ones in the devastation of the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Now you have profiled women who have lost their husbands in the Sept. 11 tragedies and subsequently gave birth. What about all of the single parents coping with the death of a partner? What about the surviving childless wife or husband coping with the loss of a spouse? Aren’t these folks grieving and suffering? Don’t all of them deserve our support?

Kathleen Page, Clovis, Calif.

Thanks for the inspiring cover. I started weeping at the photos before even reading the stories.

Margaret Clark, Durand, Ill.

The Aussie Posse

Could it be? Did my eyes deceive me? Did I see just a sign of a love handle on Russell Crowe in the photo taken in London? Well, if it is, it’s okay, Russell. It’s just more of you to love.

Michele Taylor, Rochester Hills, Mich.

I’m so sick to death of seeing Nicole Kidman. There’s a ton of gorgeous actresses with more talent.

Katie Dolan, West Springfield, Mass.

In your article about Australian actors you neglect a large contingent currently working on one of the hottest shows on TV—the talented cast of the hit Farscape. They deserve recognition on this side of the big pond.

Kelly Hill, West Haven, Conn.

Ben Curtis

What a dude! He is perfect for those Dell ads. I agree with you that he has definitely joined the ranks of the Wendy’s lady and Mr. Whipple.

Ann Skinner, Roanoke, Va.

Eric Brown

Mama’s Family actor Eric Brown didn’t sit idly around waiting for parts in films and television shows. He moved on to bigger lights. His political career is a benefit to humankind as he sets out on a campaign to cut consumer waste. Eric has found his true calling in life.

Sophie Roberts, Lehigh, Okla.

Star Tracks

I was disappointed and surprised that you actually published a picture of Jennifer Lopez exposing her taped breast. The photo is tasteless, and I’m sure Ms. Lopez was especially appalled.

Trish Johnson, Wilmington, Del.

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