By People Staff
December 24, 2001 12:00 PM

So Happy Together

As far as I’m concerned, PEOPLE can keep putting Brad and Jennifer’s picture on the cover every week, and I will never tire of looking at them. Paul Newman once said of his wife, Joanne Woodward, “I have steak at home. Why should I go out for a hamburger?” Brad and Jennifer, you are both filet mignon. I hope your marriage lasts a lifetime.

Janet Kampouris, Sacramento, Calif.

Your cover absolutely moved me. The love they feel for each other is so evident and powerful. This is one Hollywood marriage that is going to work, and the reason is that they make the other their biggest priority. Their breathtaking love is truly an inspiration for all who have yet to find their soulmate.

Marcy Knopman, San Diego, Calif.

Although I am a big fan of both, please tell me why Brad and Jennifer’s marriage is so great? After 16 months, they still eat together, kiss and watch television in their million-dollar homes. I’d rather hear about a regular couple. In case you’re interested, my husband and I are available for an interview.

Aimee V. Correa, Dubuque, Iowa

What is the big deal about being married for 16 months? Thanks to their incomes, they do not have to deal with normal marital stresses such as working two jobs, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids like most of us in the real world. Call me when it’s 16 years!

Melissa Monroe, Osceola, Ind.

Brad and Jennifer make a beautiful couple. I had a smile on my face through the entire article.

Kim Fahey, Greenwich, Conn.

Warrick Dunn

How enlightening to read about a successful person giving back to the community the way Warrick Dunn of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has. It is so heartening to read about the selflessness that he shows in the way he helps single mothers obtain homes. This is truly inspiring, and I congratulate Warrick on his deeds.

Shirley Joslin, Campbell, Calif.

As a single mother of two kids working two jobs just to keep our heads above water, I can imagine the feelings of these women receiving homes. I’m sorry that Mr. Dunn had to endure the loss of his mother, especially at such a young age. He can be sure that she is up in heaven smiling down on him. Warrick is my new sports hero, and I will forever be a fan.

Debbie Godfrey, Mentor, Ohio

Weeks before Warrick Dunn’s mother, Betty Smothers, was killed, she and I were watching our boys practice football. I asked her how she managed as a single mom to raise such fine children. For the next hour, she proudly shared her life story and child-rearing philosophy. It was obvious that abject poverty did not deter her from instilling good character, the value of education and a strong work ethic in her children. To this day, Betty and Warrick inspire me to give to others in any way I can. I thank them both.

Marian Jacoby, Baton Rouge, La.

Madison Marshall

We too have experienced the heart-wrenching feeling that goes with a child who is diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Our 8-month-old son Gable was diagnosed in June 2000. He has since lost one eye, and we are hoping to save the remaining one. He has gone through chemotherapy and radiation to defeat this terrible, aggressive cancer. With help, our son is developing like a normal 2-year-old. Bravo to PEOPLE. We can’t express how much this article touched us.

Joe and Carrie Meade, Williamsburg, Iowa

Thank you for your story. As a 27-year-old who is battling leukemia, I was inspired by Madison’s smile and courage. As I read about what she has to undergo as part of her treatment, my heart went out to this little girl. The Marshall family is in my prayers; I know that for my parents, it has been hard to see their child battle cancer.

Linda Lyons, Shoreline, Wash.

Mary Kay Ash

Thank you for acknowledging the life and accomplishments of a truly great woman and feminist. She was a woman of vision, and she also had that rare attribute, a true heart. I never got the chance to meet her or see her in person, but I didn’t need to. Her legacy lives on in me and in every person she touched. I have been one of her independent beauty consultants for almost a year and have never found a more rewarding career. Pink Cadillac, here I come!

Adela V. Calbillo, Houston, Texas

Mary Kay Inc. started with a vision: a company “where being a woman wasn’t a liability.” The 38-year-old company was built by a woman, for women, selling products for women. How ironic that the same company now has a man as chairman and CEO. Back to square one.

Kathy Cicatello, West Bend, Wis.