September 10, 2001 12:00 PM

Ben Affleck
It just goes to show, no matter how rich or famous people are, if they are addicted to something, they need help and should receive treatment. Addiction does not discriminate, and maybe this will open a lot of people’s eyes to reality. Good for Ben for taking responsibility.

Katie Martinez, Coconut Creek, Fla.

Best wishes to Ben Affleck in his fight for sobriety. However, seeing as he neither crashed his car nor woke up in his neighbor’s bed, this news warrants no more than a mention in Passages, not the cover and multipage spread you featured. Shame on you, PEOPLE! Let Mr. Affleck recover with dignity and in peace.

Malunee Johnson, Minneapolis

Ben, please do what they tell you at Promises—follow their rules while you are there and after you get out. Change playgrounds and playmates, go to meetings, get a sponsor and a Higher Power. Changing playmates won’t be easy, but the ones who are your real friends will understand and wish you well. (They may even come to you for help later on!)

Sarah Mast, Valle Crucis, N.C.

Some might say he is just another star gone awry. But I think his star is just beginning to shine. Good luck, Ben.

Nancy Fender, Rockland County, N.Y.

Brosnan Wedding

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that Pierce has found happiness after losing his beloved wife to cancer. However, as a Catholic, I am appalled at the fact that two people who have had two children out of wedlock can be married in one of Ireland’s most ancient abbeys with a full Catholic mass. People with money and fame can truly bend any rule, no matter how unbendable those rules are to others.

Jennifer Cook, Covington, La.

What ever happened to getting married, making a lifetime commitment to each other and then having children, or am I hopelessly out of date? (Don’t answer that!)

Joyce Wright, Burlingame, Calif.

Autumn Alexander Skeen

Because of Autumn Alexander Skeen and her efforts toward buckling bigger kids into their booster seats, I am putting my children’s booster seats back in my car. Just one day before reading the article about the loss of Autumn’s beloved son Anton, my husband and I decided that our 4-year-old, 43-lb. triplets were big enough to ride without their booster seats. Eliminating the booster seats was something we looked forward to. We no longer would have to switch the seats from car to car and our kids could sit wherever they liked in our SUVs. I want Ms. Skeen to know that because of her tireless efforts, she has surely saved others from going through the horrible loss she has suffered, and prevented the injury or death of many children.

Susan Brown, Highland Park, Ill.

I read and then reread the story “Anton’s Law” and kept coming up with the same question: If Autumn Alexander Skeen had been a believer in auto safety for children, then why would she ever put a 4-year-old in the front seat in an adult’s seat belt? Even five years ago we were all told to never, ever put a child under 10 years in the front seat! My heart goes out to her, but if you think you can play with fate, sooner or later you will have to deal with such a tragedy.

Debbie Cotter, White Plains, N.Y.

In your article about booster-seat advocate Autumn Alexander Skeen, you mentioned Boost America!, Ford Motor Company’s $30 million campaign to distribute child booster seats to families in need. Ford has also become a partner with the United Way to distribute 500,000 seats to low-income families across the country. To learn more about the Boost America! initiative in your area, contact your local United Way.

Amy Ganser, United Way of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh

R. Alta Charo

I believe in my soul of souls that stem-cell research should be allowed to continue. I lost a daughter to lupus at the tender age of 17. That was 10 years ago in June. If only the research had been there back then, I could be enjoying her company, and who knows, I may even have had a few more beautiful grandchildren. For all of the people who are against stem-cell research, I pray to God that you never lose someone who could have been helped by this.

Kim Garcia, Alma, Mich.

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