June 04, 2001 12:00 PM

50 Most Beautiful People

The kidnappers must have gotten to you too. The 50 Most Beautiful People in the “World and no Russell Crowe! C’mon, he makes my Top 2!

Sue Ackerman, Rochester, N.Y.

Definition, beau-ti-ful: (very proper noun) Benicio Del Toro.

Michelle Arndt, Phoenix

I was thrilled that you chose Jude Law, and I was happy for Heath Ledger, Taye Diggs, Colin Firth and Connie Nielsen. But Benicio Del Toro instead of Joaquin Phoenix? Usurped again, poor Joaq. How terribly vexing!

Mina K. Sabih, Lewisville, Texas

Did you even watch the second season of Survivor? Sure, Jeff Probst is a doll, but any human on this planet knows that the real hottie in the Outback was Colby Donaldson. Pardon me while I pack my bags for Texas.

Kate Kozeliski, Gallup, N.Mex.

While I agree with most of the people selected as the 50 Most Beautiful, I can’t help but ask why you forgot Ben Affleck. You should have replaced Johnny Depp and Noah Wyle with Ben and Benjamin Bratt.

Christy Slemons, Woodruff, S.C.

Your 50 Most Beautiful People in the World is the biggest joke. Do any of us really believe that all 50 of the most beautiful people just happen to be celebrities?

Jenni Stockton, Elk Grove, Calif.

Over the years your publication has chosen people of various occupations, styles, shapes and, most important, races. You have shown that everyone is beautiful. I applaud you for setting a different standard of beauty.

Columbus C. Brooks, Pittsburgh

Bravo and major kudos to PEOPLE for choosing Evan and Jaron among the 50 Most Beautiful. We recently saw them up close and were awestruck at the double vision of male physical perfection. But after meeting them and experiencing their kindness, humility and friendliness, their inner beauty was even more impressive.

Arlene Lassin and Elissa Riesenfeld Houston

How could you not include Gale Harold from Showtime’s Queer as Folk? If you just looked at a picture, you would agree. Doreen Wood, Hightstown, N.J.

I can’t believe you neglected one of the most beautiful people of all: Lenny Kravitz.

Cheri Hoodenpyle, Phoenix

Thank you for including Colin Firth among your 50 Most Beautiful. I have been enthralled by him since his perfect performance as Mr. Darcy in the Pride and Prejudice miniseries. Seeing his picture spread made me feel like a 13-year-old searching through teen magazines for pinups!

Robin Scott, Princeton, N.J.

What a hunk! Shane Osborn makes me proud to be a Nebraskan and an American.

Maribeth Losee, Fremont, Neb.

Someone at my local grocery must have ripped out Ricky Martin’s photo from your 50 Most Beautiful issue. Oh, I get it! Maybe PEOPLE is collecting photos of Ricky for your Sexiest Man Alive issue. I forgive you.

Maria Dent, Cleveland

According to your own poll, Roy Dupuis is in the Top 10 Most Beautiful People of 2001! Does PEOPLE have some sort of electoral college that overrides the popular vote? What gives? We fans demand a recount!

Judith A. Baxter, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jon Gruden is a total babe, and I want to thank PEOPLE for recognizing that!

Jan Bradbury, Anaheim, Calif.

I shake my head annually at the arrogance of anyone selecting a “most” anything list. You can stand on a corner in almost any fair-size city and find 50 people every bit the match in beauty of anyone on your list. But they just lead ordinary lives of civic and family service, earn workaday salaries and wow those of us around them a lot more than distant celebrities whose life’s goal and purpose is to be noticed by the likes of your magazine.

Tim Sousley, Columbia, Tenn.

Why don’t you call this issue what it really is: The 50 Most Cosmetically Enhanced Celebrities in the USA?

Renea Taylor, Arlington, Texas

Picks & Pans

I look forward to Leah Rozen’s reviews. I can count on them to be the exact opposite of what is true. She scorched The Mummy Returns, and I loved it. Get a clue, Leah. It was supposed to be funny and cheesy. It’s entertainment. It’s what movies are supposed to be. It was almost as funny as your review. A $71 million opening—all movies should be that bad.

Kathie Mervyn, Milwaukee

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