October 23, 2000 12:00 PM

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker is one classy lady. My husband says I want to be just like Carrie on Sex and the City. I disagree. I want Carrie’s looks, Charlotte’s clothes, Miranda’s brains and Samantha’s sex drive.

Amy Schultz, West Linn, Ore.

I find it ironic that the same stars of Sex and the City who are teaching young women that casual sex is okay and to be admired claim to be so innocent. In a time when sex with many partners can kill you, wouldn’t it be smarter to teach that there is much more to life than sex?

Nancy Burgess, Long Grove, Ill.

It is a shame that a beautiful and talented actress such as Sarah Jessica Parker is portraying a slut who spends her time dishing with her friends about the “spunk” du jour (which indicates the lack of use of a condom). I have watched the show, and though girlfriends do really dish about everything, I disagree with the perception that single women necessarily sleep with every man they date or that it is a good thing. It is irresponsible for this show to promote promiscuous sex in a time when AIDS remains in the Top 5 of diseases that kill.

April Ewing, Abilene, Texas

I am most amused by the article entitled “Loose Ladies? Not on Your Life.” What a joke. You say they are not loose, but they spend an hour each week glamorizing loose. They have convinced me. I used to enjoy Sarah Jessica Parker in Square Pegs; she should have quit while she was ahead.

Lacey Shirey, Sheridan, Wyo.

Sarah Jessica Parker may have it all with a successful television series and loving husband, but what she doesn’t have is a decent hairstylist. Casual or formal, what is she thinking?

Sherry A. Higgins, Eastham, Mass.

What’s up with you? Here I was, wrapped in a blanket of sweet excitement as I grabbed your magazine from the stand. The article dealt with Sex and the City, but you can imagine my disappointment when I turned to the feature and found Mr. Big missing. Will you please throw in some hot pictures of this highly underrated and deliriously sexy actor, the one-and-only Chris Noth?

Jane Wanklin, London, Ont.

Sex and the City is cute, funny and outrageous and proves that thirtysomething girls just want to have fun too!

Dede Pritchard, Winslow, Ariz.

Karenna Gore Schiff

Let me get this straight. Karenna Gore is a Columbia Law School grad and Andrew Schiff is a doctor? Then why aren’t they smart enough to put a life vest on their son while boating?

Jeanne Senour, Doylestown, Pa.

Karenna Gore cuts the head off a snake, skins it and makes it into a belt and we’re supposed to consider that a “family asset”? Not in my book. She just lost her dad my vote. Al Gore obviously hasn’t taught his daughter anything about compassion and respect for wildlife, so what does that say about him?

Kim Andrew, Los Angeles

After recently giving your readers pictures of celebrities at parties for Al Gore, this week you gave us more of the same plus an article about his daughters. And of course the latest lesbian breakup. I didn’t realize I was subscribing to Democratic and Deviant PEOPLE WEEKLY.

Amy Stites, Denison, Texas

Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher

I am happy that Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher have enough money to purchase next-door mansions in L.A. I also hope they have enough to pay for the years of intensive therapy their children will need as the product of two separated mommies and a dad who was nothing but a sperm donor.

Jennifer Cook Vaccaro, Covington, La.

Kathy Najimy might think the right wing could have a field day over the Melissa Etheridge-Julie Cypher breakup, but before anyone goes casting stones, I would suggest that they take a close look through their own picture windows. After all, when was the last time you heard about a divorcing heterosexual couple living in back-to-back homes for the sake of their children? My guess is that Julie and Melissa’s children will be far better adjusted than many of those growing up in homes where Mom and Dad snipe at each other between Sunday church services.

Rahel Bailie, Vancouver

Catherine Fischer

Your article “Cinéma Bébé” had a very disturbing photograph accompanying it. The woman in the top right corner appears to be drinking a glass of beer while breast-feeding her baby. In fact, the entire photograph depicts a bar scene where beer is being consumed by parents who have small children with them. I am appalled that there is a movie theater that serves beer, that parents bring their children to such a place and that your magazine would highlight this type of behavior.

Cindy Lemon, Livingston, Mont.

I want to tell you how irresponsible the photo is in your article “Cinéma Bébé.” There is an adult holding a child who appears to be around 2 years old and has a mouth full of popcorn. Any pediatrician will tell you what an awful choking hazard popcorn is to small children. Obviously some parents will ignore this advice and possibly pay the consequences. However, I don’t think PEOPLE should be visually condoning it.

Matilda Robinson, Quantico, Va.

As a mother of a small child, I appreciate Catherine Fischer’s efforts to give parents a social life, but I would not consider taking my son along to “Thrillsville Nursery” for a horror flick. Even if the children are too young to follow the story line, they are still capable of being scared out of their wits. They hear the screams, see the violence and gore and feel the tension. Subjecting a baby to that is downright abusive!

Lauren Saunders, Santa Fe

Baby Brigade cofounders Kyle and Catherine Fischer responded, “The movie is almost incidental. The parents come as a family because the environment is comfortable for both moms and dads. How the parents decide to raise their children—whether drinking beer while nursing or feeding popcorn to the infants—is their decision.”—ED

Gayla Benefield

My hat is off to Gayla Benefield, who fought the mining company that polluted her town. People should not have to work in a toxic environment. I am proud of people who fight what’s wrong and stand up for what’s right, because all of us can make a difference.

Mary Ann Newell, Vancouver, Wash.

Dr. Wen Ho Lee

“While one would naturally expect one’s daughter and other family members to remain loyal in a time of turmoil, questions remain: Why have Lee’s lawyers urged him to remain mum? What possible reasons could Lee have for downloading 400,000 pages of classified data, regardless of its relative importance? If there was nothing wrong with these acts, why did Lee borrow a friend’s computer to do this? What really happened to the tapes? All the warm, fuzzy pictures of Lee and his supporters fail to address any of these questions, which may affect our national security. If Lee has done nothing wrong, let him speak openly and freely to explain his actions. Until he does, he deserves no apology from Judge Parker or the American people.

David E. Dunlap, Long Beach, Calif.

Picks & Pans

Thanks for your very accurate review of the new NBC-network show Tucker. My 8-year-old son’s name is Tucker and he was thrilled there would be a show with his name as the title. As the show was scheduled to air at 8:30 p.m., which I had mistakenly thought was family viewing time, I had planned to allow him to watch. After reading your review, however, I decided to preview the show. Am I ever glad I did! This program is so flagrantly sexual that I was amazed it featured an adolescent in the title role. Thank you so much for the warning! I am not a prude and try not to overprotect my children, but there are certain issues I would rather discuss at my discretion as a parent, not at the whim of a ratings-seeking network.

Dewanna Higdon-Shelton, Ooltewah, Tenn.

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