June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

Bruce Willis
Thank you so much for putting the most talented, sexiest and smartest movie star on your cover. Bruce gets better every year.

Wendy Hutchcraft, Chandler, Ariz.

So Bruce doesn’t believe in the “general success of long-term fidelity or monogamy”? Did he mention this to Demi before she entrusted her future and the lives of her children to this big oaf?

D.F. Hutson, via e-mail

Since Bruce doesn’t believe in “long-term fidelity or monogamy,” Maria Bravo won’t be surprised when he moves on to greener pastures in the future. Also, by his example, he’s setting up a similar future for his daughters. They’ll likely end up looking for a man like Daddy, who’ll stay around as long as it suits him, then leave them with the responsibility of full-time single parenthood. Grow up, Bruce.

Vicki S. Kahler, Henderson, Nev.

Why didn’t you wait until Father’s Day to put Bruce Willis on your cover as a shining example of the new-millennium dad? He spends quality time with his kids once a month.

Roxanne Chevalier, Eagan, Minn.

It’s hard to believe that 15 years after I fell in love with handsome, witty, charming Bruce Willis, my heart can still skip a beat when I see him on your cover.

Christina Llata, Long Beach, Calif.

The New Families

I just got through reading your article on gays raising children. How wonderful, warm and family-like you made it sound. It would have been nice if you had done some interviews with adults like me who were raised by a gay parent. Kids nowadays have so much to deal with in the outside world without the complexities of having gay parents, who have many issues of their own to resolve. That those parents love their children is not enough. They are putting the children in the middle of their gay-rights movement, in the line of fire.

Name Withheld

Thousands of heterosexual and married parents abuse and neglect their children every day. What kind of normal childhood is that? Let’s not make a big deal about same-sex or single parents as long as those kids grow up happy, healthy and loved.

Amy Davidson, Hamilton, Ont.

I was 14 when my mother met her life partner. I am now 33 and have never once wished her partner out of my life. I love her as much as my mother. If I had to choose what life I wanted—the one I had before or the life Eleanor and my mother gave me, I would choose the latter.

Karen Holtz, South Kitchener, Ont.

I was disappointed to find you glorifying gays and lesbians raising children. I’m not saying they can’t be good parents, but children need a mother and a father. They don’t need two mothers or two fathers.

C. Reese, Valencia, Calif.

Thanks for providing a glimpse of nontraditional families that was not judgmental or sensationalistic. I appreciate the positive way these families were presented.

Brenda McMichael, Denver

Barry Scheck

I find it ironic that Barry Scheck is using DNA evidence in an attempt to exonerate those wrongly convicted of crimes. His initial spot in the limelight was spent arguing against DNA evidence on behalf of a vicious double


Darline Cary, Gardena, Calif.

Good for Barry Scheck for helping the wrongly accused. Perhaps he is trying to redeem himself for helping

O.J. go free.

Carol Ayres Hutton, Butler, Mo.

Donna de Varona

Donna de Varona has discovered what too many others have: It is easier to sue for age, sex or race discrimination than to work hard to keep her job. I listened to Donna on One on One Sports during my evening commute and all too often found myself changing the station. I’ll bet ABC found others doing the same.

Bill Patterson, Springfield, Ill.

Bill Clinton

Clinton’s video was just another tactic to kiss up to the media to ensure his legacy isn’t just Monica Lewinsky. Not that any kissing up was needed; they’ve loved him from the start. Sorry, Bill, those of us who are smart know a lying, cheating phony when we see one.

Elizabeth Vander Galien, Randolph, Wis.

Anthony Parks

Anthony Parks has committed a wonderful act of kindness by sharing his wealth. I commend him and others like him who show their appreciation to people who have helped them prosper. Please don’t demean his generosity by keeping score and tallying his contributions like a popularity contest. He was generous to a whole lot of generous folks. That is the big idea.

Katherine M. Pendell, Columbus, Ohio

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