By People Staff
May 29, 2000 12:00 PM

50 Most Beautiful People

Your issue should in all honesty be called “The 50 Most Beautiful Hollywood Celebrities Who Help Sell Our Magazine.”

Randy Watson, New York City

  • C’mon, we know your list is just a big popularity contest. So where was Angelina Jolie? Or even Regis Philbin, for that matter?
  • Allessandra Waits, Fullerton, Calif.

You must be mad, mate! Where is Russell Crowe?

Carolyn Schellhardt, Omaha

If I should die before I wake, please let me come back as the sarong around Billy Campbell’s waist!

Deborah A. Currier, Hampton, Conn.

Apparently, PEOPLE has traded its obsession with Princess Diana for an obsession with Julia Roberts. Enough already! Ever heard of overkill?

Cheryl Wyatt, Atlanta

  • I once told my husband that if Arnold Schwarzenegger ever came to our front door, Arnold was in and he was out. Well, thank you for putting Julia Roberts on your cover, because my husband told me that if she ever comes to the door, I’m out!
  • Irene Ayres, Fremont, Calif.
  • How could you exclude ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake? Guess you didn’t want to change the name to “The Most Beautiful Person in the World and 49 Other Reasonably Good-Looking People.”
  • Jenny McNabb, Boulder, Colo.

As an African-American, I was delighted with the diversity this year: Ricky Martin, Blair Underwood, Tina Turner and Michelle Kwan, to name a few. Thanks!

Maria Dent, Cleveland

Loved your issue, especially Galen Gering and Henry Simmons, but there was an error about Galen. He married Jenna Hudlett on Jan. 3 in Las Vegas. April 8 was a date released to fans.

Toby D’Amico, Kamloops, B.C.

Galen Gering’s response: “I did not disclose to PEOPLE that my wife and I had conducted a legal ceremony in Las Vegas on Jan. 3, 2000, because we hadn’t told family and friends at the time of my interview. After seven years together, Jenna and I wanted to share our secret with our loved ones during our planned wedding ceremony on April 8 in Los Angeles. I regret any confusion this may have caused.”—ED.

Yet again the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World are largely Americans. How about the most insular country in the world: the U.S. A.?

Jeanette Perrin, Toronto

Elián González

I support the actions of the INS in removing Elián González from his Miami relatives. While people may disagree as to whether the boy has a right to claim political asylum, there is no question that he needed to be removed from that toxic environment. Furthermore, there is no legal precedent for denying a biological parent custody of his child when that parent has been deemed fit. The 11th Circuit Court ruled only that Elián’s procedural rights to claim asylum should be protected; it did not prevent the INS from restoring Elián to his father’s care.

Christine Flowers, Haverton, Pa.

Ethan Buchkovich

My daughter Courtney was born with spina bifida in 1979. I lost her to suicide in May 1999. She had 27 surgical procedures, most before she was 7. I and all our family loved her exactly as she was, but she never really learned to love herself. Dr. Joseph Bruner and Dr. Noel Tulipan are doing a wonderful thing for spina bifida babies. I don’t know whether or not it would have made a difference for my daughter, but I know it will help make the future of other children much better.

Rebecca Hesser, Charleston, S.C.

I never dreamed I would see this in my lifetime. I am a 28-year-old happy, successful woman in the entertainment business who has lived the nightmare that Drs. Bruner and Tulipan are trying to prevent for baby Ethan. Living with hydrocephalus, I have had six shunt surgeries in the last 10 years. These shunts break, provide very modest relief from the excruciating pain and can become infected in a life-threatening manner. No human being should have to experience this. If these doctors can save one child from what I have lived with, they are miracle workers.

Jillian F. Schwartz, New York City

Picks & Pans

There are five things wrong with the review of Where the Heart Is:

1. The reviewer hasn’t lived in a small town in Oklahoma.

2. The reviewer doesn’t realize that Wal-Mart is the social hub of small towns.

3. Everyone I know (including friends and family) is way too nice or way too mean.

4. The reviewer hasn’t read the names in a small-town phone book.

5. Sally Field doesn’t care if we like her anymore.

Kimberly Hopkins, Caney, Okla.