May 15, 2000 12:00 PM

Princes William and Harry

While I am pleased William and Harry are getting on with their lives, it saddens me to think they have all but forgotten their mother. Their father, when married, never had time for them and is now praised for being a great father. And Camilla is another story. Those two boys should not accept Camilla or even agree to spend time with her. The Queen has the right idea: Ignore her completely and treat her for what she is.

Penelope Hancock, Toronto

It’s great to read that William and Harry seem to be doing so well. But I have a question about the photo taken of the boys on holiday in Majorca with Diana. You have the year as 1984, but that seems impossible since William was born in 1982 and Harry not until 1985.

Rosella Stephenson, Duncan, Okla.

You’re right. The photo was taken in August 1987.—-ED.

It’s nice to see how happy William and Harry have turned out. My only regret is that Diana isn’t here to watch them grow up.

Mary Gregory, Easthampton, Mass.

Richard Roundtree

Thank you, Mr. Roundtree, for sharing your story. Maybe now physicians will include a breast exam with their male patients’ physical exams. My father lost his fight with breast cancer last July. Mr. Roundtree’s story reminds us that this disease affects women and men and, if detected early, can be successfully treated.

Sue Baldwin, Maple Lake, Minn.

Oklahoma City Aftermath

After reading each story and being reminded of what these families have been through, my heart goes out to all of them. I was, however, disturbed to learn that Deloris Watson is not getting full health coverage for grandson P.J. Allen’s asthma treatments and that Daina Bradley and her son are struggling financially after she lost her mother, her babies and her leg in the blast. Come on, where’s the government assistance? These people should never have to worry again about bills for medical treatment.

Kristin Toledo, Revere, Mass.

Why build a $29 million memorial when the survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing still need medical and emotional support and have to rely on charity? This is the biggest tragedy. Twenty-nine million dollars would pay a lot of expenses.

Wendy Cohen, Miami Beach

Al Roker

Al Roker has put into words what so many parents think about every day—and he did it beautifully. I have a son the same age as his youngest daughter, a stepdaughter who is almost 12 and a 2½-year-old. His feelings about trying to raise a teen and a toddler are on the money. Those of us who had strict parents know that emulating their behavior, in this day and age, is what our children need.

Beth McLoone, Monmouth Beach, N.J.

Style Watch

You report that many stars “won’t go anywhere” without first having their tongues professionally scraped to ensure sweet-smelling breath. Don’t these people realize they can do this—at home with their own toothbrushes—for free? I’ve heard of outsourcing, but this is ridiculous!

Susan Murray, Durham, N.C.

Picks & Pans

In her review of 28 Days, Leah Rozen finds a feel-good movie about getting sober oxymoronic. I think she’s missing the point. Total sobriety is for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It may be very hard, but if people didn’t start feeling so much better in sobriety, they would never stick with it.

Leslie Hobson, King City, Ont.

So have you been berated enough over the incorrect photo caption in your review of All About All About Eve, the one that identified Bette Davis as Eve, though the part was played by Anne Baxter? I can just see Bette raising that defiant chin and drawling, “The name was Margo Channing, dear, and don’t you forget it!” That’s one dame I wouldn’t want to call by the wrong name, even posthumously!

Lynne Waters, Kaneohe, Hawaii

We regret the error. And we’re watching our backs.—ED.


Amy Parsley wonders, “If guns are outlawed, what will be the next weapon of choice: knives?” I’ve never heard of a drive-by knifing or of children killed randomly at school by someone with a knife. Maybe it’s worth the risk.

Nancy Cook, Bloomington, Ill.

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