By People Staff
April 17, 2000 12:00 PM

Trevor Rees-Jones

Just when I thought everyone was healing, including myself, Trevor Rees-Jones comes out with his book. Does he honestly think Diana’s sons need to hear or read about the fateful night that took away their mother? Enough already. I for one will not take his book off the shelves.

Judy Colletti, East Weymouth, Mass.

You cannot know how wonderful it was to see Princess Diana on the cover of PEOPLE again. I have missed her so much.

Mildred Bragg, Augusta, Ga.

Mr. Rees-Jones, we are all equal under God’s heaven. I am sure even Diana would not want you to live in guilt. We are grateful you survived, though we know that sometimes surviving is not the easiest path. We wish you peace for the rest of your life.

Cindy Skaggs, Lebanon Junction, Ky.

Mr. Rees-Jones has my sympathy for the grief he faces every day. His story was both heartbreaking and dignified.

Temi S. Russell, Irvine, Calif.

Sara McBurnett and Leo

I could barely finish the article about Sara McBurnett and her precious dog Leo. I have been an animal lover since childhood and have had many, many pets. I cannot imagine what would possess a person to commit such a deplorable and cruel act. There is a reservation in hell for this demented individual.

Michele Huffman, Greencastle, Ind.

What kind of person could be so mean and despicable? With cruel, heartless people like this in the world, no wonder, as you state, “few murders of humans have provoked the same level of outrage.” I wish I could track down the bastard, pick him up and throw him into traffic.

Lauren Longley, Thompson’s Station, Tenn.

Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Let me get this straight: Guests at Vince Gill and Amy Grant’s wedding cried for them because “they’ve been through so much”? Are these people for real? Poor Vince and Amy. It must have been so difficult tearing two families apart. Guests should have been crying for their children, whose lives have been forever traumatized by the selfishness of two colossally self-absorbed singers.

Audrey Richardson, Stansbury Park, Utah

I am such a fan of Amy Grant’s, and I see nothing un-Christian about getting out of a marriage that you are unhappy in. After all, what kind of example would that set for her children?

Lori Sloan, Beaumont, Texas

Bryant and June Gumbel

I’ve never been a fan of Bryant Gumbel, and now I never will be. I agree with his wife that celebrities can commit adultery and everyone looks the other way. His friends say Bryant has never said a bad word about June. He didn’t have to. His actions speak louder than his words. Marriages can go wrong, but why can’t men settle the differences before they flaunt their other women? To insist that he should be able to bring his woman into June’s home is humiliating and degrading.

Cara Liman, Lithonia, Ga,

When I read the article on Bryant and his wife’s divorce, I couldn’t help but feel June’s pain. Bryant’s pompous, arrogant attitude made me wonder why on earth she remained with him for 26 years. Please remind June what Ivana Trump said in the movie The First Wives Club: “Don’t get mad, get everything!”

G.L. King, Altadena, Calif.

Sean Elliott

As a fellow kidney transplant recipient I am appalled at the return of Sean Elliott to professional basketball. He is a multimillionaire and has no reason ‘ other than an overinflated ego for attempting to play again. By placing his own “gift of life” in jeopardy, he shows no respect or compassion for the lives of those waiting for a kidney transplant.

James E. Bitzenburg, Camdenton, Mo.

Mother Katharine

I harbor no disrespect to Amy Wall and her parents or Mother Katharine, but there are thousands of parents of terminally ill children who would embrace deafness as a miracle compared to what they live with. I am a mother of a deaf daughter, and I can honestly say it has never occurred to me at any time to pray that she would hear. Her deafness is part of who she is. It is not an affliction.

Cris Adams, North Kingstown, R.I.

In honor of Blessed Katharine, Drexel University—founded by her uncle Anthony J. Drexel—has offered full tuition scholarships to Amy Wall and her siblings. We are proud to share the family name of two major figures in higher education who were committed to providing educational opportunities to all Americans.

Constantine Papadakis, President, Drexel University, Philadelphia

I always give credit where it is due. For Mother Katharine, it is in her service as a nun and the life she chose helping children get their education. That alone makes her a saint. However, I have a son who was born hearing-impaired and by 18 months had regained almost all his hearing. You will never know what a parent goes through to comfort a frustrated child who can’t hear but needs to speak. The real saints are the parents who have been there for their children—not a spirit who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Stacy Bertrand, Gunter, Texas


I’m happy for Nick Nolte’s approach to his health and that he feels “much better.” Too bad his strenuous daily regimen of vitamin drips, growth-hormone injections, testosterone patches, exercising and eating nutritious foods could be wasted after one collision on his bike if he doesn’t wear a helmet.

Shawn Boice, Bothell, Wash.


Give Darva Conger a break! She can’t be all that bad, being the mother of two wonderful pugs.

Lorie Mathews, Kansas City, Mo.